Windrush Generation. Any thoughts?

  mrcalif 20:05 19 Apr 2018

The above topic has been in the news for the last four days, however no one has even started a thread.

Any thoughts?

  Belatucadrus 20:24 19 Apr 2018

Bureaucratic incompetence of a staggering order from both parties they need to abandon the smart arsed point scoring off each other and just fix it.

  canarieslover 20:35 19 Apr 2018

Obviously some screwed thinking with this. I don't think anyone in government actually intended it to affect people from that generation who were bought in to help rebuild post war Britain. I think most legislation is a bit like an operating system, it takes a while to iron the bugs out and this is a big one.

  mrcalif 20:42 19 Apr 2018

Do you not think that at the time, the Conservative Government was trying to appease the UKIP vote to win the 2010 General Election?

  Old Deuteronomy 20:50 19 Apr 2018

I find myself wondering how many people would have been sent back had this not been publicized so the Tories could have proceeded with deportation?

These people should have been given full British citizenship a long time ago.

  mrcalif 21:00 19 Apr 2018

To my knowledge. Anyone that who landed before 1974 where granted an Indefinite Stay Status. Thus entitling them to stay and leave and enter the UK without restriction.

  Aitchbee 21:42 19 Apr 2018

Most of the top UK [English mainly] olympic medal-winning athletes including sprinters who's mothers and/or fathers came from the Caribbean islands will be miffed.

My thoughts.

  mrcalif 22:30 19 Apr 2018

Good news I have just seen on the TV. Two ladies just got their papers.

That’s a very quick response to the problem.

  rickf 18:20 20 Apr 2018

Watch the series on the windrush generation. It's excellent: click here

  bumpkin 19:33 20 Apr 2018

Why is it called Windrush? out of interest.

  Brumas 20:14 20 Apr 2018

Click here It was the name of the ship which brought the immigrants over.

1]: [click here

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