Windows Xp 64 Bit

  pcwhizz 21:32 08 Sep 2004

With Amd and there solid arrival of there 64 bit chips and Intel rumoured on starting to work on 64 bit chips, i suppose microsoft are eager to the 64bit O/S out but one question!

How much faster will the 64bit O/S be with a 64 bit chip?

Are we goin to see massive benchmark smashes?

or is it just an overhype and new technology that will need to be developed!

  welshwizard712 16:43 08 Oct 2004

Anybody Know? or is this an unknown answer. lol

  Forum Editor 17:52 08 Oct 2004

No, that's not really what 64bit computing is about. In fact, as far as the average home user is concerned there's not going to be much point in going 64bit - at least for a long time to come.

These new processors will be great if you're using autocad, or anything else that requires serious number crunching, but the effect on your copy of 'Dancey leapy thing' version 8.01 will be .........exactly nil.

  t.long 23:17 08 Oct 2004

Maybe a silly question but... Is there any reason why the leap could not be made from 32bit straight to 128bit, or 256 etc?

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:15 09 Oct 2004

What does "'Dancey leapy thing' version 8.01" do? I have not heard of it, is it good? Where can I download it please? Will it keep my kitten occupied infront of the screen so he stops biting my toes?

  Forum Editor 08:22 09 Oct 2004

DLT version 8.0 is exclusively for the use of journalists - it helps them to write articles without any risk of being sued for libel by a software manufacturer.

Clever these software writers, aren't they?

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:23 09 Oct 2004


  Mysticnas 16:51 09 Oct 2004

The FE is right, it won't make much of a difference unless you use software capable of 64bit computing.

Such softawre is used in industry. Software for 3D design and some high end 2D design sofatware.

A lot of people do use this kind of software, like myself and many others that i know. You'll benefit only if you have 64bit CPU, 64bit OS and 64bit software.

MS has had a 64bit OS available for sometime now i believe, but it's not available to Joe Public as i understand. Intel has had it's 64bit Itanium CPU out for quite a while too. They are available to industry only as far as i know.

If anyone out there wants to correct me, pls go ahead as i can't remember where i've got all this stuff from, it's just piling up in my head with the rest of the junk being stored there over 225yrs

  Mysticnas 16:54 09 Oct 2004

225 - 200 = ;o)

  bremner 16:59 09 Oct 2004

You can download a 360 day trial beta version of Windows 64 from the MS site.

I have been running it on our 64bit dual Opteron machine at work for a while. It is very fast but it is in any event with XP Pro 32 bit.

We will be doing some intensive comparison work on it in the near future to judge if there are noticeable performance benefits.

  Mysticnas 19:20 09 Oct 2004

Are you saying it was faster than your current work PC? if so what was the spec of your old PC?

I believe the only fair way to test performance is to compare with a similar specced single 32bit CPU PC.

On numerous occasions i've had people say this is faster than that etc... they compare something new with something old. If you want to see just how fast a 64bit CPU is you have to have to compare it in a system as close as possible with 64bit system, same hardware, RAM, Hard drives, CD drives, same softare, and an equivalent 32bit CPU, not a 6month old one.

Example: comparing a new 64bit CPU in a new system, to an ageing P4 FSB400/533 system.

To me that's no different to comparing a Formula one car from 40yrs ago to one of today. Of course there's going to be a significant difference. It's different race altogether.

For me, if you want to compare then make sure you comparing like for like, all the components should be a in the same legue as each other.

However, not to tread on anyones toes, if you're simply trying to find out whether something is faster than what you've got(want to replace) then it most likely IS going to be.

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