windows ten

  sunnystaines 19:16 07 Dec 2014

has anyone had a chance to view the pre release version can give any feedback is it the biz or a let down so far. i know its early days.

  QuizMan 21:02 07 Dec 2014

I have set it up on an old laptop and it works well. My main purpose was to ascertain if some of my favourite, but ageing programs worked on it. Supposedly they were not meant to, but they did after a bit of tweaking. I think I said on another thread that a Windows 10 pop up advised that it needed to download a XP service pack to overcome an initial issue with Outlook 2003 which it did and it isfunctioning correctly. Bizarre.

I also rather liked the upgrade of CMD.exe into which you can now cut and paste.

  sunnystaines 08:06 08 Dec 2014

quizman thanks, is programs menu back to w7 standard?

  QuizMan 09:17 08 Dec 2014

"is programs menu back to w7 standard?"

sunnystaines it is certainly better than W8, but it is not like for like in terms of W10/W7, but you soon get used to it. I have not really tried customising it much. That is not why I installed it.

I think another aspect that I shall get to appreciate, but haven't tried yet, is multiple desktops. I am membership secretary for an athletics club with 800 members. So, for example, I can one set up a desktop for personal use and another for when membership secretary purposes.

Have you tried YouTube for a look-see? I found that quite useful.

  sunnystaines 08:55 09 Dec 2014

quizman thankshad not thought of youtube.

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