windows restore is superb

  lignum vitae 07:18 02 Nov 2004

Having recently read the forum extolling the benefits of alternative browsers I thought I would give "Firefox" a whirl.I could not get used to it so I uninstalled it,and bingo all my settings seemed to be "up the creek".So for the first time I used the "Windows "Restore .Now I realize you are all very experienced computer users and are thinking what is he wittering on about,but i think this an absolute fabulous facility.I have recently upgraded from Win 98 and so this is all new and exciting.
Well done Microsoft!!!!

  Dan the Confused 07:59 02 Nov 2004

It certainly is a useful facility and, although not foolproof, can make life a lot easier. If you want to learn a bit more about it click here (assuming you have XP not ME).

  lignum vitae 16:06 02 Nov 2004

Thanks for that Dan....Hope I dont need it very often.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:45 02 Nov 2004

System restore is indeed very usefull. Untill, that is, you need it's services to correct a problem and it decides not to play and won't restore. This happens quite often.

  zanwalk 21:18 02 Nov 2004

Just to add to Mr Mistoffelees warning, I too have experienced glitches in System Restore. It is an excellent facility, but never rely on it as an alternative to a full system backup with Drive Image or similar program, as it does have a tendency to not be available occasionally, and is no use at all in the event of Hard Disk failure.

  CurlyWhirly 21:57 02 Nov 2004

Yes System Restore has got me out of trouble quite a few times.
Very worthwhile utility.

  It's Me 22:06 02 Nov 2004

As Mr Mistoffelees & rayburn say do not rely on it. Every time I have really needed it it either decided to rub out all the points or not be able to work.

  lignum vitae 07:54 03 Nov 2004

Thanks for all your comments......I am interested in what you say Rayburn re using a pro gramme like "Drive Image" is this better than Microsoft's" Windows Backup "utility.

  It's Me 13:01 03 Nov 2004

If I may but in; yes Drive Image or Norton Ghost as you would now find more easily, is vastly superior to Ms back up. You use it to produce precise images of whole drives which you can put onto whatever medium you wish. Ms seems to not like DVDs and can't seem to cope with multuple CDs, and Ms suggest that you should first use your HHD for the back up and then copy that to CDs or DVDs using burning software if more than one CD or a DVD is needed, whereas Ghost/Drive Image just puts the whole lot on a sequence of CDs or DVDs if that is needed. In other words, the MS back up is a real pain.

Once you use Ghost/Drive Image you'll never look back!

  Dorsai 17:55 03 Nov 2004

but i have never ever managed to get system restore to restore anything other than my relief in the fact that i had made a backup.

for me it is a chocolate fire-guard, looks nice, tastes good, melts down when used.

  zanwalk 20:45 03 Nov 2004

And to add to the comments by It's Me, with todays H/D prices most people can afford to install a second one to store backups, and then CD/DVD's need only be used as a second backup for any really vital data.

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