Windows pundit pours scorn on Vista

  powerless 12:23 21 Apr 2006

click here

Check out his review...on the current beta build.

  spuds 13:33 21 Apr 2006

Ever since the days of Windows 95, scorn as been the order of the day :o(

  Arnie 14:28 21 Apr 2006

I'm with you here Totally-braindead.

In view of Vista's problems and consequent release date change, I wonder how much Vista is eventually going to cost?

Also, how do we know for sure that the non beta version will be suitable for general sale even in 2007?

I'm going to get my £90 worth out of my XP Home Upgrade and stick with it!

  anskyber 16:55 21 Apr 2006

Am I off beam here; for a writer to a Mac periodical there is no real advantage in saying much else is there? I would expect Mac supporters to be interested in Vista but may gain comfort from this interim opinion ahead of Vista release. I am sure his rather strong views are sincerely held, but there is a context to set them within.
GANDALF <|:-)> point on it being about the scope rather than the reliabilty of the OS is amn important distintion to remember.

  anskyber 16:56 21 Apr 2006

amn=an, distintion=distinction. oops!!

  Forum Editor 00:51 23 Apr 2006

is a well-known Windows writer, and of course he's entitled to his view.

I'm testing exactly the same software build as him, and I think it's worth reminding everyone that we're talking about technical beta builds here......the software hasn't yet been released as a public beta. There are certainly some features missing, and yes, there are some aspects of the software which are less than perfect, but that's the whole idea of beta testing - it's there so that a selected group of people, from various computing backgrounds can evaluate and report back to the development team.

My own view is that it's hardly a service to either Microsoft or to the consumer to publish a sweeping condemnation of something that is nowhere near ready for market - what's the point in doing that?

I'm not going to comment on Vista in anything other than very general terms for some time to come, because I don't see that it achieves anything - consumers will judge the shrink-wrap, not a technical beta release when there's still around a year to go before launch.

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