windows 95 on floppy - missing files.

  BIG ben strikes 10 14:40 14 Jul 2004

hello everyone.i have bought brand new/sealed. windows 95 on floppy.i started windows 95 from dos using each disk.odd thing was everynow and again it would say.missing
or calc.exe.missing.also i think i over writed a floppy becouse i tryed making a boot disk at setup and it formatted the disk.luckily that disk had its data copyed on the harddisk.setup finally completed but when it booted up it says HIEM file missing.(i regognised this file from when 3.11 was installed it was used to check memory but then there is a memory test before a missing file was reported.).i cannot boot into windows 95.can i contact microsoft and they will give me a new set?.or was this a waste of £14.00?.can i use my desktop sys. files to restore it?.thanks.ben

  €dstowe 14:48 14 Jul 2004

Why are you using a system almost ten years out of date?

  Old Shep 15:47 14 Jul 2004

You are in the wrong forum, you want to be in the Helproom Forum for this.You will probably only get people like me and €dstowe in here who have moved into the 21st Century. Regards.

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