Windows 8 Windows Explorer Ribbon

  sunnystaines 20:03 02 Jun 2011

some screen shots of win 8 ribbon etc

link text

1: http://Windows 8 Secrets: Windows Explorer Ribbon

not sure i like them whats your view

  SparkyJack 20:19 02 Jun 2011

Well I am not at all sure I can quite grasp what is going on there.

Like this sites change - we are all used to the old one and are a little but put off by the new- but we will get used to it.

The same for Windows if that is the way they are going -they wont revert. If you like the old way then stick to XP/7 or go Linux.

  sunnystaines 20:31 02 Jun 2011


not sure what happened there must be part of the PCA errors they are trying to fix

link text

  sunnystaines 20:32 02 Jun 2011

link now works on my 2nd post

  Autoschediastic 21:47 02 Jun 2011

I think whats going wrong with all these iface changes is that sites like google/IE/yahoo/Facebook have all recently changed the fonts and their whole look and where the icons are, i like a simple site thats easy to navigate round! ive been using the above sites for many years and all of the above have changed them in a way i just dont like!

Why has facebook STILL not able to understand that when a new account is open the default settings should be "Friends Only" viewable instead they risk a newbies conversation/photos and Info to the complete world? IMHO i think thats just lack of common sense from FB!

Yahoo again changed its main page it looks like a bloody mess now? the check mail icon is now on the other side of the site? & also its worth pointing out that the old version of the mail all of a sudden has gone snail slow? and i tried this on mulitple pcs? BUT to my amazement when i upgraded it the site went back to normal.? Is this a forced upgrade from them??

IE never liked apart from when u have to instal some programs that you cannot with any other browsers?

Why dont these huge companies let the user/s be able to keep the templates how they want the? why must it be set in stone that they decide where everything should be? they have the sites fine until everyone gets used to them then they change them? i would like to have the icons where they was before but thats now not an option?

  SparkyJack 11:10 03 Jun 2011

Face Book! Wassat?

  sunnystaines 08:52 05 Jun 2011


looks like the end of browsers, its very similar to an android phone.

  bremner 09:07 05 Jun 2011

"it is very similar to an andriod phone"

No - it is almost identical to MS Windows Mobile 7

  sunnystaines 11:36 05 Jun 2011

not seen Windows Mobile 7 is it any good?

  bremner 13:44 05 Jun 2011


Can't give a personal view but a friend has the HTC 7 and he does not particularly like it. He is going to go back to an iPhone when the new one is available.

  lotvic 20:08 05 Jun 2011

Well I've looked at both of the links windows8 Explorer Ribbon and the YouTube Vid of Building Windows 8 from ßeta's post

Now I'm going to lay down for a while until I stop feeling dizzy :(

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