Windows 7 do you think these are fake.?

  Uboat 10:41 22 May 2010

Having just been ripped off buying TWO w7 ultimate copies from two differant people one off ebay & one in the local newspaper (They was BOTH fake), i was lucky enough to get my £110 off both of them! Then i see this advert selling them for just £80 when comet are asking £230! something smells here!
When i kicked up a fuss with ebay they simply shut the door in my face! i know now where these are all coming from & my copies where EXACTLY like the real deal! they have all the holograms on them & the booklet on them they even activated! & passed the Authentification on MS's website!!
BUT i called MS & they clarified both of the copies i was using where illegal fakes!
My advice DONT buy from Ebay or out of the newspaper Only shops...

click here

click here

  octal 11:54 22 May 2010

I'm sorry you've been caught out by this, but thanks for posting I'm sure it will reinforce the dangers of not buying from a reputable source.

The first link you posted, although is a popular site, I personally would never purchase anything from that site as there doesn't seem to be any actual address, only email contact address to hide behind. The same goes for Ebay, they have certainly gone out of favour with me now, I would sooner do without than buy though there anymore.

Comet on the other hand have a verifiable mailing address.

  Forum Editor 12:05 22 May 2010

'Caveat emptor' spring to mind whenever I learn of something like this.

Software being offered at a price that's way below the norm should be a no-brainer.

  dms_05 13:49 22 May 2010

Take a look at click here This is an official Microsoft Educational Distributor and they will sell you a very reasonably priced copy of various W7 versions. All you need is someone somewhere in your family who's receiving some form of education. No checks or ID's just complete their name and academic institution. I use my 7 year old grandsons details. If in doubt look at the Microsoft site where you will find these people listed.

  rdave13 18:41 22 May 2010

Blimey Conet is a bit expensive; click here

  WhiteTruckMan 21:52 22 May 2010

"Software being offered at a price that's way below the norm should be a no-brainer."

I don't think it's as clear cut as that. Remember the huge price variations to be found when vista came out?


  Uboat 22:57 22 May 2010

WTM i TOTALY aggree! it was a crazy price war!!

  Al94 23:37 22 May 2010

dms_05, the operating systems are upgrades only.

  OTT_B 00:10 23 May 2010

Going back a few years to Office 2000(?), I purchased a copy off ebay for close to retail price, only to be supplied with a ripped CD, with an 'activaton' programme which said "get rid of those annoying microsft activation messages", or words to that effect.

I contacted the seller, who promptly said that they were original and supplied from the then defunct Tiny PC, and that if I contacted Microsft they would verify the truth of it.

I laughed a short laugh while typng a reply email, which said n no uncertain terms that if my money wasn't nstantly refunded the next they would hear about it would be from the police, tradng standards or the Inland Revenue.

Money refunded within 2 minutes.

Ebay and the like need better regulation.

  ronalddonald 00:55 23 May 2010

come of it uboat if you want to get a genuine copy try pc world, novatech, argos, ebuyer stop chasing after 2nd rate suppliers on ebay and other places.

going for something cheap isn't always legit

  ronalddonald 00:56 23 May 2010

I suppose you have to tip your toe to find out the hard way

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