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Is Windows 10 the end of the road or not.

  Bazzaman 18:13 14 Mar 2016

I've seen (in a number of places) that there isn't going to be a further version of Windows after Windows 10. The idea being that Microsoft will just keep upgrading Windows 10 rather than release a new version of Windows.

However, this clearly states that Windows 10 support will expire in due course.

Is it possibly that there isn't going to be a further version of Windows, but something else instead?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 14 Mar 2016

Thats for the original release of w10 in July15

  Govan1x 22:51 14 Mar 2016

Just wonder if Microsoft will last that long never mind W10.

  theDarkness 23:03 14 Mar 2016

The windows 10 you use today will likely be very different to the windows 10 of tomorrow thanks to continuous updates to their system. As for the version number, Windows 10 is largely an update of 8.1 rather than a brand new operating system built up from scratch. Since vista, windows has always reported it's NT system number as being a variant of windows 6.x

The worry for most users seems to be whether windows 10's free support will ever drop in favour of paid-for updates or subscription services. Only time will tell, which will depend on the industries climate and competition. Newer versions of 10 with the latest updates will likely still be released on newly bought computer systems, and as a digital download to purchase and install on new computers. Currently a tool is still available for current windows users to create a digital installation of 10 on to disc. There is no way to tell if such tools will always be available

  theDarkness 17:27 16 Mar 2016

Every media site seemed to latch on to a statement from MS developer Jerry Nixon, who claimed 'Windows 10 will be the last version' and 'There will be no Windows 11'. He seemed to have really only meant that Windows 10 would be the last numbered version, as Microsoft no longer wanted to release a new operating system every three years or more, with new features that could have been implemented long before.

Retail wise 10 has sold on many systems, but not every user has been happy. Keeping that '10' in the operating system's name over many years to come won't do anything to win users back, or keep the system feeling fresh.

Major updates will essentially transform it into a new system, so I expect the '10' in the operating system name to disappear in due course. Apple seem to have dropped paid updates, so it sounds like Microsoft are copying their model, by firstly enforcing everyone on to the same platform (10). They might start giving windows a nickname - Windows Jezebel to be released in May

  pk46 21:46 16 Mar 2016

Microsoft will make W10 a subscription service as your Microsoft Office is already if you use it. Simple way of getting the money in don't pay and W10 won't update and features will stop working. Just like a Sky subscription.

  JYPX 22:07 16 Mar 2016

Yes. They could do that. (Subscription service). But I don't think they will. Anyone who has upgraded from 8.1 would turn from Slightly Miffed to Very Angry Indeed as they all contact consumer organisations in many different countries asking what happened to the free updates for the the lifetime of the OS they purchased? And Microsoft would come off worst.

What about later?

I think that advertising is more likely to be the way forward.

  bumpkin 22:15 16 Mar 2016

Microsoft will make W10 a subscription service

Maybe a good time to invest in Mac shares then.

  Forum Editor 02:20 20 Mar 2016

Microsoft has clearly stated on numerous occasions that there will not be new releases of the Windows operating system in future - Windows 10 will instead be updated and changed on a rolling basis.

The strategy is to move more towards developing and selling apps etc., via the Windows store, rather than turning out full-scale Windows versions every few years.

  HondaMan 14:39 20 Mar 2016

I hope so!

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