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Windows 10 ~ The elephant in the room!

  wee eddie 11:08 03 Feb 2015

Windows 10 will be free: for all and sundry, Hurrah!

No one appears to have queried how Microsoft will monetise this, I almost went back to my old M$ Logo, but decided that it was unfair on FE to wind him up on this one.

Of course the answer has to be Data Mining, in much the same way as Google do.

Now here's a prediction: Your new, free, copy of Windows 10 will be calling home on a regular basis.

  OTT_B 12:29 03 Feb 2015

Short term pain for Microsoft for long term gain.....

They've lost (or never had????) a massive share of the mobile computing market to iOS and Android, now they need to get it back. The desktop market is in a steady decline, as people spend more on mobiles and tablets. By giving the OS away, they can encourage adoption. Once that happens, developers will be more willing to spend time and resource coding for the platform, hence increasing the software market and encouraging more user.....and so on and so forth. As the user base increases, so does use of Microsoft's other services (maps, search etc), which then generates revenue for them.

Yes, it's all about M$. Welcome to the capitalist world that allows you to have a PC, phone, tablet to enable you to go online and argue that it's about greed and subversion!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 03 Feb 2015

"Now here's a prediction: Your new, free, copy of Windows 10 will be calling home on a regular basis."

  1. Should it be code named ET then?

  2. Not if you unplug the network cable or wireless card or use a firewall to block it.

  wee eddie 17:38 03 Feb 2015

FB: What you suggest is, of course, breaking M$'s T&Cs, which require that the PC be connected to the Net at all times!

  chub_tor 17:45 03 Feb 2015

I have been running Windows 10 on an old laptop and have been impressed with most of the builds so far. I am not so keen on the latest build which seems to be slower than the earlier ones and the position of the On/Off/Restart button is in a ridiculous place. But using the new Settings is great and on this new version Charms seem to have disappeared (well at least they don't come up with Windows Key +C as they used to. Looking forward to see what they come up with next and pleased to be able to play somewhat of an active part in its development.

  Al94 19:55 03 Feb 2015

I think that after the first year MS will have some sort of game plan to extract money from you for continued use.

  wee eddie 20:22 03 Feb 2015

A194: I think that they say that W10 will be free to all those that install it during its first year on the market. I don't know whether the release date in the UK will be the same as the release date in the US of A but as the Release will be an Internet Download, I assume that that date will be Universal.

These two caveats are, I think, important.

a. that it is for the life of that piece of equipment only.

b. and, so long as that piece of equipment regularly connects to the internet !!!!!!!!!!

  bumpkin 22:05 03 Feb 2015

If it is free then lets give it a try. If they start moving the goalposts we can always go back. I would have thought that anyone that wants it would be regularly connecting to the internet anyway but I agree that is a strange caveat.

  T0SH 16:27 06 Feb 2015

Having just downloaded and installed the second preview edition of Windows 10 I certainly will not be recommending it to anyone I know, free or otherwise as it may be ? the first preview seemed to be moving slightly in the right direction away from the Windows 8 format but this latest version has virtually reverted back to the bad old days with what is a sham start menu and a screen full of tablet style icons bye bye Microsoft

  Forum Editor 17:16 07 Feb 2015

"Now here's a prediction: Your new, free, copy of Windows 10 will be calling home on a regular basis."

You seem determined to pursue a'Reds under the bed' line on Windows 10.

My first reaction is to say that nobody is forcing you to use it, so if you suspect Microsoft's motives, don't use it.

Secondly, of course the operating system will call home on a regular basis - if you tell it to let you know when updates and fixes are available. That's nothing new - your current Windows version does it, and the one before that did it, and the one...well, you get the picture.

Microsoft doesn't collect any personal data when this happens, so you can sleep easy, knowing that nobody is going to find out which sites you've visited, or what you've downloaded. Every site you visit already knows your computer has been there anyway - we can tell when you came and went on our site, and which pages you visited, which browser you used, and which country you were in at the time. All web servers have routinely logged all that information for ages. It's meaningless in terms of your personal privacy, unless one of the authorised security agencies has good reason to find out who you are, and where you live, and then your ISP is compelled to divulge the information.

Microsoft doesn't collect anything like that because it is illegal, and in any case why would the company want to do it? It's illegal to sell personal data without your consent, or even to pass it to a third party for free.

As for monetising the release, don't forget that the free upgrade offer only applies to Windows 7 and 8 users, and is only going to be available for a year from the release date - people who want it after that will have to pay. The idea is that by the time the software has been in the market for a year everyone is going to like it so much that the word will spread - everyone who is currently running XP or Vista, or whatever, is going to buy a new computer with a pre-installation of Windows 10, and they'll pay for it that way - or they'll buy the software and install it on their existing machines.

Put aside your paranoia about data mining - Microsoft is not daft enough to risk the huge backlash that would ensue. The news would be public knowledge within 24 hours.

  wee eddie 18:29 07 Feb 2015

Hey, it's not really paranoia.

I was just looking at ways that Microsoft could monetise their new OS and posited that they might be taking a leaf out of Googles book.

In particular, it was the requirement that a PC, that has downloaded the free version, be permanently connected to the Internet.

In fact, I am seriously considering upgrading my V(eteran) PC, which went from XP to W7 a couple of years back. But I not certain that it has the legs!

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