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Window 10 free for a year

  TopCat® 18:53 21 Jan 2015

As an inducement to try to move users of earlier operating systems to upgrade, Microsoft will allow free use of their latest OS for a year.

Will you take it up? TC.

story here

  tullie 19:54 21 Jan 2015

What happens after the first year?

  chub_tor 20:08 21 Jan 2015

I think that they mean it will be free to install for the first year after the launch for uses of Windows 7 upwards. After that if you want to upgrade you will have to pay for it.

  chub_tor 20:10 21 Jan 2015

The details are here

  Forum Editor 22:52 21 Jan 2015

I am sure that there will be millions of upgrades. This move was widely anticipated, a wise decision by Microaoft.

  lotvic 23:07 21 Jan 2015

Oh 'eck, I've only just got comfy with W7

  Forum Editor 09:11 22 Jan 2015

"It is ok if you are tech minded but what about the millions who are not."

An entire generation of people of working age grew up with computers. They have used each version of Windows since Win 95, and they have little if any difficulty getting the feel of each new release.

The next generation is using computers at school on a daily basis, and most of them probably know as much about operating systems as their teachers. You don't have to have the slightest clue about how a computer works in order to use it - those days are long gone, just as the days of people working on their car's engine are long gone - you try to tinker with a modern engine and see how far you get.

A computer is simply a tool - it's there to help you to do things. It isn't an end in itself.

  sunnypete 13:51 22 Jan 2015

In my declining years I'm on W7. Perhaps I should get my granddaughter to clue me up on W8 so that I may have some idea about W10 if and when the freebie arrives...

  sunnystaines 16:50 22 Jan 2015

will w7 starter get the free upgrade on a netbook,apparently w8 would not go on netbooks due to spec.

  Proclaimer 11:10 24 Jan 2015

I am less inclined to take them up on the offer due to the limitation of the licence, 'Lifetime of the Device'. I have a retail licence for Windows 7 because I upgrade Motherboard and CPU quite often and that licence allows me the freedom to roll Windows 7 onto the new 'device'. The Free upgrade to Windows 10 will be ok but I would still need to buy a new licence as soon as I upgrade my CPU and Motherboard.

I think I will just wait and buy a licence that allows me the same freedom, unless the licence for Windows 7 is honoured with the free upgrade to Windows 10.

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