Wimbledon Fortnight

  crosstrainer 14:42 23 Jun 2008

The greatest sporting event of the year...? Or IMO a complete bore?

  Clapton is God 14:46 23 Jun 2008

Just a load of balls

  ventanas 15:00 23 Jun 2008

Can't wait, I will be glued to the TV tonight. It does lack the personalities of yesteryear, everyone seems to be far too serious now (Nadal excepted), but it's still great to watch.

The only sport that would drag me away is cricket. Nothing beats that.

  ventanas 15:03 23 Jun 2008

Currently watching on the BBC web site. Hewitt v Haase.

  Earthsea 15:06 23 Jun 2008

I consider the Olympics as the greatest sporting event of the year.

If you find Wimbledon a complete bore then obviously that will be your opinion of it.

  crosstrainer 15:34 23 Jun 2008

Just Wimbledon....I like the Olympics...I used to be a row to a high standard whenI was younger.

  crosstrainer 15:42 23 Jun 2008

It by working longer hours...but not allowed to this year. They have let me go in three hours a day, but staff are overprotective :)

I don't begrudge people tennis, It just annoy's me that all Cricket is now on Sky, and you have to £40.00 a month to see it.

I have Setanta for the Rugby in the winter, but Sky have nothing else that is of any intrest to me at all. £40.00 for cricket alone.

Digital radio is what we cricket fans have now.

  Stuartli 15:47 23 Jun 2008

At least Wimbledon comes round once a year...:-)

If you watch the best exponents of any sport - even tiddly winks(!) - it's virtually always worth watching.

  crosstrainer 15:50 23 Jun 2008

Believe it or not..........: I'm sure that it was covered on a TV channel a while back!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 23 Jun 2008

I've booked a holiday in this country during Wimbledon weeks.

That means I'm guaranteed rain :0(

  pj123 18:12 23 Jun 2008

Well I won't be watching it.

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