(Wills & Kate) Easier for some people to get on the housing ladder than others

  Covergirl 19:58 06 Nov 2011

I suppose it's inevitable really, when there are so many properties in the family, that house swapping is rife.

Wills & Kate don't really have to bother with estate agents, raising a deposit or the disappointment of being outbid; they can just swap houses seemingly at a whim.

I'm just jealous LoL. No hard feelings - each to their own ends and means.

(Now, where's me HIP?)

  bremner 20:04 06 Nov 2011

Your last sentence explains why you are not in the same position as Wills and Kate.

For goodness sake it is "Now, where is *One's * HIP"

  Aitchbee 20:14 06 Nov 2011

The Royal Family are an anachronism...but 'one' has just got to accept this fact.

  sunnystaines 20:18 06 Nov 2011

must have got bored living in the remote cottage they had in north wales, has the military given him an office job in london?

  lotvic 20:20 06 Nov 2011

Oh you are right ones...

Homes marketed for sale on or after 21 May 2010 no longer require a Home Information Pack (HIP) but you do need an EPC to have been commissioned.

  Aitchbee 20:27 06 Nov 2011

If the couple go on BBC's 'Homes Under The Hammer' I will eat my words...with 'humble pie'...your Majesty!

  birdface 23:19 06 Nov 2011

Well you have to feel sorry for them as they cannot move in for about 2 years until it gets refurbished.

Also a lot of asbestos has to be removed as well.

Looks like it is going to cost them a fortune to get all that done.

What do you think.

  onionskin 00:32 07 Nov 2011

I wouldn't swap places with them.

  interzone55 08:30 07 Nov 2011

I'm with onionskin on this, I'd hate to live in London for a start, and I can't begin to understand the type of pressure they must be under from press and media.

A cushy apartment is not adequate compensation...

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