Will you watch the New TOP GEAR show ?

  Dragon_Heart 03:41 05 Aug 2015

Which one you may ask ?

If it's the BBC one with Chris Evans then NO NO NO, I detest the guy.

Had it been the ones speculated back in May to be presenting the show Philip Glenister , Jodie Kidd and Guy Martin then YES. I think Guy is a great presenter, but he may have to change his underpants more frequently if her going on the BBC.

Or how about the one on Amazon Prime ? Latest news says the old trio can not do a 'car show' due to an agreement made with the BBC !

I say forget cars and lets have a Motorbike Show ... but what to call it ?

  wee eddie 21:57 20 Jan 2016

I have to assume that all this pre broadcast publicity is to generate interest in the show. It certainly bares the hallmark of the PR Department

  RV510 22:19 20 Jan 2016

Anyone that presents a car show and has to stop and throw up should not have the job, it is true, watch it on YouTube. The original Top Gear programmes, the specials and the challenges will make more money from sales of the DVD's than the BBC will ever make from a re-vamped programme, whoever presents it. Clarkson could be a bit of a big headed clever dick, the hamster always taking second place and being the fall guy and Mr Slow bringing up the rear and being downtrodden, but that was the charm of the programme in the main. No, I shall certainly not be watching anymore.

  Quickbeam 19:44 21 Jan 2016

"Anyone that presents a car show and has to stop and throw up should not have the job,"

James Hunt did't do so bad considering that he apparently threw up before every race...

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