Will you upgrade to Windows 8?

  PC Advisor 15:19 16 Apr 2012

Will you upgrade to Windows 8? Let us know in our poll.

Poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 8?

  Blackhat 15:29 16 Apr 2012

What was that all about with the spelling?Screen shot

  Woolwell 15:30 16 Apr 2012

The ' has become undefined!

  Condom 15:33 16 Apr 2012

I haven't yet tried it as my spare PC is in bits. I have tried the similar phone version which I liked but at the moment my feelings are it is not great for a desktop. I do plan to get a new laptop about the time it comes out and perhaps I will go with Win 8 if I can get a good touchscreen one. I love Win 7 on my desktop and I really think Win 8 would need to be something really special to get me to change right now.

  Matt Egan 16:25 16 Apr 2012

Blackhat - a rogue smart quote instead of a tombstone (a stylised apostrophe, in essence). One of the many pitfalls of running print and online publications from the same office!

  Woolwell 16:54 16 Apr 2012

"When I buy a new PC" - is that an upgrade to W8? I regard an upgrade as updating an existing system.

  canarieslover 18:21 16 Apr 2012

I have been trying to get to grips with it but I have found that I really do not like the Metro desktop so I tend to stick to Win 7 for all my day to day usage. Perhaps if it was my only O.S. then I would make more of an effort but while I have the choice I won't bother. I'm fortunate that my motherboard allows me to select which drive to boot from so I am able to have a clean install on my second hard drive rather than the normal dual boot option. This will at least make it easier to get rid of it if I finally decide that it's a step in the wrong direction.

  algerian petra. 18:28 16 Apr 2012

For goodness sake. I have just gone from XP to windows 7 in the last couple of months.

  ams4127 19:20 16 Apr 2012


  NORFOLK SPARKY 19:25 16 Apr 2012

I am still on XP and have been told its not worth upgrading my computer to win 7 until I need a new one. Will wait till support for xp stops. Then decide. Am using win 7 at work and like that. Have no need of a touch screen so see no need for win 8

  rdave13 19:26 16 Apr 2012

If we get the same offer from Microsoft that we did with 7 then yes.

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