Will you upgrade to Windows 10 when the final version launches?

  PC Advisor 09:59 08 Oct 2014

The next version of Windows is such a big update that Microsoft is skipping Windows 9 and calling it Windows 10, but will you upgrade to the new Windows operating system?

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  wee eddie 10:16 08 Oct 2014

I will wait till others have tried and reviewed it.

I have to admit that W8 fiasco and the ludicrous number skipping excercise, have made me seriously think about changing to a Mac.

W8 was/is a fiasco. Had M$ immediately addressed the Interface problem, listened to feedback and provided an alternative Interface that would work, without Staff Retraining, on an Office Desktop, instead on requiring purchasers to rely on 3rd Party fixes, we would not be where we are today.

  Woolwell 10:21 08 Oct 2014

Too many variables for me to answer at the moment. Will probably leave W7 machines on W7 until at least the bugs have been ironed out of W10 and it depends on cost. My W8 system may be upgraded but ..... (too many unknowns - drivers, etc).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:30 08 Oct 2014

Whatever happened to 9?

I'll try that first ;0)

  spuds 11:49 08 Oct 2014

I am still using XP Home and Pro, commenced using W7 (which I have began to like), but found W8/W8.1 very confusing and unfriendly.

If Microsoft provide free upgrades or very cheap options from W8 to W10, then I might think about a further trial, but if its a case of shelling out more money for an unreliable product, then that's going to be a non-event for me.

  john bunyan 12:07 08 Oct 2014

I will stay with W7 for 6-12 months and jump to 10 if others like it. Did the same when I skipped from XP to 7, avoiding Vista et al.

  Joseph Kerr 12:33 08 Oct 2014

Same answer I always give. I don't change OSs. I change machine, and, if I have no great concerns about whatever the latest OS is, I'll get it on the new machine. If I do have concerns, I'll try to find an arrangement whereby I can choose my OS. So far, I know absolutely nothing about Win 9 that is 10, but have no reason to feel optimistic, really.

Perfectly happy with Win7. Indeed, I keep forgetting there was an 8, which seems understandable, from what I gather about it.

  March Hare 12:38 08 Oct 2014

I have abandoned MS in favour of a Chromebook, which is somewhat restrictive, but currently does all I need. Can't see myself returning to MS.

  rdave13 15:16 08 Oct 2014

Running the evaluation on an old laptop. No drivers problem and runs OK. Will be upgrading to 10 on all machines.

  QuizMan 16:00 08 Oct 2014

Maybe, it depends on price. W7 is fine for my current desktop PC needs. I missed the boat with Microsoft's £25 offer for Win8 and I have no desire to upgrade based on their current Win8 pricing structure when W7 does all that I want it to do.

  Forum Editor 17:47 08 Oct 2014

"Maybe, it depends on price."

Windows 10 is very likely to be offered free of charge to anyone who is running Windows 8.

I will definitely be upgrading - I like what I have seen so far.

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