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"Will you sponsor me?".....

  dagbladet 09:44 20 Jul 2007

.....I was asked by a cricket loving work colleague this morning. "what are you going to do?" I asked, "play cricket", "but you play cricket every weekend, how's this different?", "it's for charity", "Okay, so are you playing for 24 hours, or are you holding the bat upside down or something?", "no just our normal Saturday game, everybody else has sponsored me".

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not aginst charity sponsorship per se. However, I like to see people push themselves a bit for my money.

BTW, as it's Friday I shall no doubt call in at the Dog and Duck on the way home as is my usual routine. This is generally followed by me walking to the D'n'D the following day to retrieve my car. Does anybody want to sponsor me................?

  anskyber 09:59 20 Jul 2007

No, but I might join you.

  dagbladet 11:31 20 Jul 2007

I bet I don't.

  Colin 12:18 20 Jul 2007

Sponsoring people is similar to signing a petition. You just pay up/sign the form just to get rid of them.

  dagbladet 12:25 20 Jul 2007

Wallbash you've made a moot point. Were it the case that the rain got worse from the current 'downpour' to the forecast 'biblical' and they played their match anyway, fair enough that's worth a few quid. It is however just their normal Saturday match. Now if they've decided that it's for 'cheridee' fine, have a raffle, sell some cakes, whatever, but for those of us not attending (nor interested) to sponsor them to do enjoy their normal weekend entertainment?!?

Is it just me?

  wee eddie 18:28 20 Jul 2007

I have often wondered why people ask you to Sponsor them to go on holiday. It seems illogical to me.

What would be more to the point would be to Sponsor someone to do something useful like clearing rubbish from the local River or mowing old peoples lawns.

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