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Will you benefit from the budget?

  Quickbeam 23:04 18 Mar 2015

BBC Budget Calculator

I look forward to spending the 87p per week that I look to benefit by!

  john bunyan 10:56 20 Mar 2015

Forum Editor , Joseph Kerr

Please do not think for a minute that I agree with any of the "rubbish" in the link. I merely wanted to illustrate that for a highly intelligent nation like the Scots, I find it hard to understand the popularity of those in the link, or, indeed of the SNP. The latter seem to totally ignore the referendum vote, and their apparent popularity is remarkable.

  john bunyan 16:41 20 Mar 2015


I half expected them to respect the result of the referendum, but clearly that is too much to ask!

Since their main raison d'etre wa independence and that failed to get it through, I admit to being surprised that their vote appears to be so very high.

In fact , in a strange way, should it turn out that Labour form a government with the support of the SNP, I would be quite pleased as it would stop a referendum on the EU .However my main concern is Defence, and the former CND Sturgeon will try to exact a "Trident cancellation" pledge from Milliband if he turns out to be PM....

  john bunyan 18:37 20 Mar 2015


I will not continue re the SNP. We agree on a number of issues. Whilst I hope for a continuation of EU membership, should that not be the case with s Tory victory then clearly the SNP will trigger another referendum, probably successful.

In that event Trident would be given its marching orders. And the whole issue of the pound etc will recur. After a total split, the rUK would be financially better off as the loss of the major part of the N Sea oil revenues will be more than offset by the cancellation of the Barnett formula.

All of this is for another day, after the election. I fully agree with your last sentence and will await another thread to continue our (I hope - friendly - arguments) !

  bumpkin 19:04 20 Mar 2015

Someone needs to tell them that huge slabs of text with massive paragraphs, unrelieved by imagery, are unlikely to appeal to anyone bar the writers.

Yes indeed, one look at its format destroys any interest I may have had in the first place.

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