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Will you benefit from the budget?

  Quickbeam 23:04 18 Mar 2015

BBC Budget Calculator

I look forward to spending the 87p per week that I look to benefit by!

  Devil Fish 23:29 18 Mar 2015

£1.80 a week here which will be nicely swallowed up by council tax and rent increase so effectively minus off top of head without real workings out down around £2.50 a week in real terms

  Forum Editor 23:33 18 Mar 2015


  Joseph Kerr 23:45 18 Mar 2015

I am not a rich Tory. So, no.

  Pine Man 07:58 19 Mar 2015

I am a rich Tory so, apparently, Yes:-;

  hastelloy 07:58 19 Mar 2015

I am not a rich Tory so will benefit by about £180 pa.

  mole1944 08:17 19 Mar 2015

I'm better of by £2.66 a week,£138.55 a year so i'm well pleased

  Quickbeam 08:31 19 Mar 2015

Is a couple of hundred pounds a year enough to buy your votes?

  john bunyan 09:25 19 Mar 2015

I am a little better off. Surprised they did not tax winter fuel allowance, and also did not decide on a temporary fuel surcharge. The National debt is so large that there is little money to give away.

The rival Chancellors have little room for manoeuvre in view of the overhanging debt. The SNP and Greens seem to ignore this issue.

  john bunyan 09:43 19 Mar 2015

The issue to witch I referred was the overhanging National debt of £1.5 trillion and rising. The Greens and SNP's policies - if you interpret their suggested budgets - would inevitably mean much higher borrowings.

The elephant in the room for the SNP is the massive help they get from the Barnett formula, enabling a range of things such as free University education etc, which is becoming an issue for rUK.

  Al94 10:35 19 Mar 2015


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