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Will You be Watching the Wedding or the Cup Final?

  oresome 20:15 15 Dec 2017

Saturday May 19th is the date for the royal wedding and a major sporting event.

It may be the cause of friction in some households as to which TV channel is viewed.

Personally I have little interest in either but wish the couple well and may the best team win.

  Forum Editor 17:48 17 Dec 2017

john bunyan

If you read the last response directed at me, you'll see a classic example of someone who doesn't really have a valid argument making a school playground 'You too!' remark.

  bumpkin 18:01 17 Dec 2017


It's just opium for the masses, something to divert the plebs from their poor humdrum existence. They can look upon these fabulously wealthy leeches, living off their toil and not see the irony in it all.

You have a point and there is plenty of unfairness in this world. That is the way it is, what do you want, a bloody revolution. What will that achieve.

  bumpkin 18:32 17 Dec 2017

Flak, more to it than that. Some things cannot be changed overnight. You are retired now and not badly off based on previous posts. Why not just enjoy yourself with what you have earned and let the next generation deal with it. We have all been angry young men but as life passes one realises what really matters.

  bumpkin 20:18 17 Dec 2017

* it's not easy to just sit back and watch it all go to hell in a hand cart.*

No it is not but that choice was made by others and there is little we can do about it. No point in being angry all the time if we cannot change things, just accept it and make the most of what we do have. life is too short to start a battle that cannot be won. I agree with many of your previous posts but a live and let live attitude gives me greater peace of mind.

  Forum Editor 21:56 17 Dec 2017

"...that choice was made by others and there is little we can do about it"

The oldest excuse in the world.

  daz60 22:33 17 Dec 2017

Hmm,Gary Lineker commentating on the wedding and Huw Edwards commentating on the thanks.!!!!!

  Quickbeam 05:40 18 Dec 2017

I'll still watch neither because I go biking at those times.

And I'm still a background republican...

  rickf 09:06 18 Dec 2017

"...that choice was made by others and there is little we can do about it"

What a defeatist attitude? To be able to do something about it is at the heart of a democracy. It's called a general election where you can cast your vote to change things. I am with Flak's take on things. Not good for the poor to be getting poor and the rich stuffing themselves to the hilt by the day. This ways lies the road to ruin with all sorts of obvious ramifications both social and political.

  dagbladet 12:52 18 Dec 2017

I'll be watching both.

  Aitchbee 13:11 18 Dec 2017

I always visit my sister on Saturdays so we will be watching the wedding and the geegees. Anyway I don't think we get the English Cup final live up here in bonnie Scotland on the terrestial or freeview channels. I am not a big football fan but always make an effort to watch World Cup as I like to put a bet on correct scores. I'll wager that Harry scores on his wedding night ;o]

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