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Will You be Watching the Wedding or the Cup Final?

  oresome 20:15 15 Dec 2017

Saturday May 19th is the date for the royal wedding and a major sporting event.

It may be the cause of friction in some households as to which TV channel is viewed.

Personally I have little interest in either but wish the couple well and may the best team win.

  hastelloy 09:44 16 Dec 2017

For both events I can barely contain my indifference.

  rickf 10:38 16 Dec 2017

Neither. Waste of tax payers' money.

  Quiller47 10:40 16 Dec 2017

We know who will be headlining the wedding. Anyone know who will be playing in the football final?

  Quiller47 10:46 16 Dec 2017


Who pays ?

  LastChip 10:58 16 Dec 2017

"Waste of tax payers' money."

Really? My understanding is the Royal Family is paying for the wedding.

As I've zero interest in football, I'll probably sit with my wife and watch the wedding. I like a bit of pomp and we do it so well in the UK.

  rickf 12:10 16 Dec 2017

The Royal Family is paying for the wedding but not the security required for the day. This is the larger amount of the two!!!!

  wee eddie 13:06 16 Dec 2017

Neither will persuade me to get a TV

  bumpkin 16:00 16 Dec 2017

Neither will persuade me to get a TV

Do they have them in Scotland.

  Quickbeam 18:17 16 Dec 2017


  Ken Thesparky 18:34 16 Dec 2017

Sorry ,too busy watching the grass grow.

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