Will you be scrapping your old boiler?

  WhiteTruckMan 13:29 05 Jan 2010

It looks like the boiler scrappage subsidy scheme announced in the budget will be going ahead soon, and before the election as well.

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I'm thinking seriously about it as I qualify in every respect.

My thinking is that if the government is throwing it's (i.e. *our*) money around then I may as well grab some of it anyhow, seing as I missed out on the car scrappage scheme by buying a new car 2 months too early!

Anyone else?


  Grey Goo 13:45 05 Jan 2010

Been trying for years, can't find a young Blonde Russian replacement as yet.

  canarieslover 13:47 05 Jan 2010

Early days yet to see what is actually available. Can't tell if it applies to all central heating plumbers or not, but papers were quoting £2k - £3k for having a new boiler fitted and then claim £400 back. Since I have recently had a new boiler for a lot less than £2k fitted I am assuming that those are the prices for the likes of British Gas. If it restricts you to using the big companies I would suggest that you can save much more than the £400 scrappage by going to a smaller reputable company for your boiler fitting. Just beware as I can see a lot of cowboy plumbers taking advantage of this scheme if all fitters are included in he scheme. I may just be a bit cynical about it as plumbers seem to have quite a bad reputation. At least with the car scrappage scheme you could test drive before you bought.

  peter99co 14:19 05 Jan 2010

"With the number of boilers needing replacment this scheme hardly scratches the surface."

The government is throwing it's (i.e. *our*) money around again. (probably at the bottom of the barrel now)

I will shop around and use my local "friendly" heating engineers.

  johndrew 14:28 05 Jan 2010

Given the controversy over the central heating scheme - both cost and restricted installers - this could easily go the same way.

As a friend commented to us when she got the quote for her central heating, "It is much more expensive than most local installers quoted me." I think that and the fact the `new` installation has broken down four times in the past two years says it all.

  interzone55 15:19 05 Jan 2010

If the scheme requires you to use someone like British Gas then don't bother, you'll save far more going to an independent fitter.

Our boiler died last year, BG quoted £2750 to fit a new Bosch boiler, with a mandatory £250 to do a system flush.

Got a local guy round who quoted £1800 for the same boiler including the flush. We actually chose a better spec'd boiler including 5 year warranty and new thermostatic valves on the radiators for £1700, and he has agreed to come once a year to service the boiler & our gas fire for £50 a year...

  WhiteTruckMan 15:42 05 Jan 2010

As far as I have been able to determine an installer need merely be appropriately professionally qualified for the nature of the installation. nothing like a membership of a scheme is required, so you can indeed use your local independant installer.

However, it appears that I may have spoken too soon about my elegigability. My boiler "may NOT" be a G rated boiler. Its about 15 years old, gas fired and has a permanant pilot light. However, when I search the model number (Ravenheat RSF 820/20) I cannot get a conclusive answer from any websites with a model search facility.


  TopCat® 16:29 05 Jan 2010

Here you'll find the SAP rating for your model - scroll well down to find it. Others should be able to find their rating on this website, if needed. TC. click here

  Forum Editor 16:58 05 Jan 2010

in other words it doesn't have electronic ignition - and it's 15 years old it will almost certainly be G rated.

Anyone who installs a gas boiler must by law be Gas Safe registered (it's no longer called CORGI), so beware of anyone who quotes a cheap price - he/she may not be registered. It's illegal to install gas equipment if you are not Gas safe registered.

  tullie 17:06 05 Jan 2010

I dont suppose an election is on the horizon?

  WhiteTruckMan 17:25 05 Jan 2010

(according to topcats link) my boiler is nowhere near a G rating, despite being 15 years old and having a permanantly lit pilot light. Looks like no scrappage bonus for me then.


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