Will We Become a Nation of Housebuilders?

  oresome 20:15 14 Oct 2013

The Government is promoting self build as a way to ease the housing shortage. Eric Pickles believes NIMBYism issues will be eased if planning applications are made by individuals rather than developers.

Land to build on has always been a problem but I may have a solution.

Another Government report suggests that some northern towns and cities are beyond saving and regeneration programmes are money down the drain, so they should be abandoned and left to rot.

It might take a year or two of further decay before the last residents finally leave these wastelands, but then the land can be sold on to the self build community. Regeneration on the cheap!

I'm not sure what we can do with the displaced residents at the moment, but we can knock the rough edges off the scheme as we go along.

What do you think?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:41 14 Oct 2013

Lots of northern towns have already been left to rot.


  kad292 22:11 14 Oct 2013

Free the land starting with the churches and the residential/palatial properties of the monarchy and its sycophants ,tear up the regulations and give free reign to individuality,strip the land off owners who do not use it to benefit the community,corporate institutions especially.

Screw the unions and cry 'Levellers unite',this would resolve in a major way our so called land problem and give people a greater expectation and control over their 'property'.

  lotvic 22:55 14 Oct 2013

Sooo.... how will the self build community deal with the rotted and unsafe sub structure of Drains, Gas Pipes, Electric, Water, street lighting, road layouts etc etc?

  oresome 09:52 15 Oct 2013

On a more serious note Lotvic, I think that is a major issue.

Self build is a minority interest, will never solve the housing shortage and is only suitable where existing infrastructure already exists.

Where we want to build significant numbers of housing, the full town planning organisation needs to be put in action with the associated costs of roads and utilities etc covered somehow.

The problems with northern towns is a difficult one. The initial reason for their growth has long gone and there is a brain drain away from the towns apparently, which limits new enterprise. But to suggest we abandon them as the report suggests is farcical.

  wiz-king 11:08 15 Oct 2013

Any scrap of ground round here seems to have a planning application in, if it's small a couple of houses, if not it must be good for a dozen or so retirement flats.

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