Will this solve all our problems?

  Cymro. 12:30 16 Nov 2018

BBC link

I think this is rather too optimistic but even then the scientists are sure to come up with something eventually. If it comes about in good time then I suppose it would bring to an end all our worries about global warming and all the problems that come with it. Perhaps I am the one who is getting over optimistic.

  Forum Editor 12:53 16 Nov 2018

A member of my wife's family worked on the development of fusion reactors at the Joint European Torus (JET) laboratory. He is no longer with us, but when he was alive he repeatedly told me that the solution to the world's energy problems lay in nuclear fusion reactors. He told me lots of other stuff about his work, but I hardly understood a word of it.

The holy grail of the development of these highly complex reactors lies in making them small/cheap/reliable enough to be produced in large numbers for use all over the world.

  john bunyan 13:00 16 Nov 2018

I remember the Harwell ZETA project in 1957 - 60 years ago. If it could be solved it would be a good contribution to clean energy. Trouble is after all this time there is as yet no breakthrough.


  wee eddie 13:02 16 Nov 2018

Just a quick "However"

These have been promised since the mid 1970's so don't hold your breath

  Cymro. 10:59 18 Nov 2018

If they ever get things like these up and running for military use then no doubt that will speed up there more general use. Money is much more likely to be spent on the military than the public. So yes something for the very distant future. Still one day no doubt.

  carver 11:21 18 Nov 2018

Great idea but with one problem, how much profit is there in it. Suppose that tomorrow someone perfected the idea and energy was now not only nearly free but limitless. Do you really believe that big multinational companies would just sit back and watch their empires disappear overnight. How do you increase the price of something that doesn't rely on diminishing resources. I would love to see this working while I am still alive but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting.

  oresome 11:25 18 Nov 2018

Will this solve all our problems?

Of course not!

The problem is over population and if this energy source ever comes to fruition, the population will continue to expand to the detriment of other finite resources.

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