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Will Northern Ireland return to the bad old days?

  Cymro. 11:47 01 Oct 2019

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I listened to the P.M. on the Today program this morning and am far from assured that enough thought has been put in to if peace will be maintained in Northern Ireland. Whatever your thoughts on BREXIT is it worth the risk of Northern Ireland returning to the days of the 1970s.?

  john bunyan 21:44 05 Oct 2019

Like the Scottish Independence referendum and Gibraltar, only Northern Ireland would be given the vote. If Spain or Argentina had been included in Gibraltar or the Falklands vote they would have been taken over without the agreement of the inhabitants. An all Ireland vote won’t happen - unless of course Corbyn and McDonnell take over and who knows what they would do in view of their past tolerance/ friendship wit the IRA

The mess in NI will be repeated if and when Scotland becomes independent, with all the same issues of trade , tariffs , border checks etc

  Dunk 07:29 06 Oct 2019

john bunyan

Just to clarify, by an all-Ireland vote I meant that each side should vote individually, and each would need to agree for unification to happen. I did not mean that the larger (southern part) could outvote the north.

If both seperately agree, then matter resolved, if not then situation returns to how it is now, and something else needs to be tried.

(I see that Wales is now starting to talk independence as well, this Brexit business is really shaking up the UK - well done Boris?)

  morddwyd 09:28 06 Oct 2019

I think you are giving too much credence to the views of terrorists being given, to use Margaret's words, "the oxygen of publicity" by the media.

Get your ear closer to the ground and listen to the real folk, the people like us who worry about jobs, and mortgages and the price of bread.

They are fed up of having direct rule with no representation, of their future being controlled by a few hard liners of the DUP, they want a voice and if only the Dail will give them that voice then so be it. Why do you think so many from the north have recently applied for the Irish passports they are all entitled to?

I served in Northern Ireland several times both before and during the unrest; going back as far as Castle Archdale, and while my knowledge may not be current, it cones from people with traditional and deeply held beliefs.

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