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Will Northern Ireland return to the bad old days?

  Cymro. 11:47 01 Oct 2019

BBC link

I listened to the P.M. on the Today program this morning and am far from assured that enough thought has been put in to if peace will be maintained in Northern Ireland. Whatever your thoughts on BREXIT is it worth the risk of Northern Ireland returning to the days of the 1970s.?

  Quickbeam 13:40 01 Oct 2019


  wee eddie 13:44 01 Oct 2019

That's up to the Irish

  alanrwood 16:10 01 Oct 2019

I don't think so Quickbeam. IRA activity has increased over the last few months already. It is still a powder keg and it won't take much for it to explode again. I sincerely hope I am wrong and you are right.

  john bunyan 18:41 01 Oct 2019

Maybe a good time to have a “Border Poll”. As the king said of Thomas a Becket : “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?” Trouble is there would be a likely civil war.

  Quickbeam 19:40 01 Oct 2019


I was being facetious!

  Cymro. 11:32 02 Oct 2019

wee eddie That's up to the Irish

I don't suppose the protestants of Northern Ireland will agree with you on that one.

  Cymro. 11:37 02 Oct 2019

BBC link

Perhaps he has the answer here see link above

  Quickbeam 12:27 02 Oct 2019

May and the DUP rejected that over a year ago.

  Quickbeam 19:04 02 Oct 2019

Apparently the DUP have changed their tune from not accepting any different arrangement to mainland UK under any circumstances to they will accept a different arrangement with the help of another payoff...

  Forum Editor 22:48 03 Oct 2019

Of course not - it's just scaremongering.

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