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Will Johnson get away with suspending Parliament?

  john bunyan 10:13 28 Aug 2019

Johnson is proposing to suspend Parliament on 10 September. The Speaker has said in the past he would oppose this


This is a devious way, using the cloak of a pending Queens Speech, to curtail attempts by Parliament to stop No Deal. This , from a Government with a majority of 1 looks like causing a looming political crisis

  Quickbeam 07:02 17 Sep 2019

So today's the day we find out if he gets away with it or not.

Was it legal or was it Boris running to ground yet again when the heat is on. As was the case yesterday in Luxembourg.

  Dunk 09:08 17 Sep 2019

Not likely to be a verdict until Friday, I think. They are only starting to hear evidence today.

  Govan1x 09:38 17 Sep 2019

Then whichever side looses their will probably be an appeal against the verdict.

Saying that is there a higher court where an appeal could be heard.

  Dunk 10:32 17 Sep 2019

As we are still in the EU perhaps any appeal will go to the EU court? That would drive the Brexiters absolutely crazy!

  Quickbeam 10:45 17 Sep 2019

No, that was addressed by a legal big wig on the radio.

This is the highest UK court for domestic matters and is not a European matter.

  john bunyan 11:21 17 Sep 2019

The Supreme Court is the highest U.K. court- except for Parliament itself, and that body would have to pass a new law- not likely here.This case is interesting as they are looking in two directions. One is to see if the Scottish decision should be upheld or not and the other to see if the English decision should be overturned. 11out of 12 Supreme Court judges hearing the case! Quite unusual and a measure of the importance of the case. If Boris loses , I think he is finished. Interesting times

I watched Johnson being interviewed by Laura Keunsberg - he gave no answer on wether or not he would obey Parliament on a law requiring him to seek an extension if he does not achieve a deal by 19 Oct and must request an extension. It is approaching show time.

The EU say they STILL have no written text of proposals re the backstop from HMG

  Govan1x 09:02 19 Sep 2019

Wonder what the bill is going to be for this and who will end up paying it.

It is not going to be cheap.

  john bunyan 09:59 09 Oct 2019

Green tick as the Supreme Court found the length of the prorogation was too long and designed to avoid Parliament scrutiny of the Brexit process

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