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Will Johnson get away with suspending Parliament?

  john bunyan 10:13 28 Aug 2019

Johnson is proposing to suspend Parliament on 10 September. The Speaker has said in the past he would oppose this


This is a devious way, using the cloak of a pending Queens Speech, to curtail attempts by Parliament to stop No Deal. This , from a Government with a majority of 1 looks like causing a looming political crisis

  wee eddie 10:28 28 Aug 2019

Bercow has done everything in his power to forestall Brexit, including breaking his word.

Our elected Representatives are attempting to rebuff the outcome of the Referendum, what more should we do to fulfil that result

  Cymro. 10:48 28 Aug 2019

wee eddie Our elected Representatives are attempting to rebuff the outcome of the Referendum, Good luck to them I say. The referendum was never a good idea in the first place. We elect our politicians so let them make the decisions. That's what they are there for

  Pine Man 11:05 28 Aug 2019

Johnson is proposing to suspend Parliament on 10 September

I am not in the least bit surprised. He will do anything he possibly can to fulfil his promise regardless of the effects on the country.

Whatever happens he will not suffer, given the silver spoon in his mouth that he was born with, but the country, as a whole, will and is in for some turbulent times.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:06 28 Aug 2019

It is looking like BoJo will be finished before he can do anything, either by way of legal action or a no-confidence vote. Anyone who can countenance taking such a massive risk with our economy, just to save party face, needs to be stopped by whatever means it takes.

  Quickbeam 11:10 28 Aug 2019

This is a direct result of both Farrage stating that he'll contest every Tory seat in pursuit of a no deal Brexit, and the opposition's collaboration to stop a no deal Brexit.

He's being batted from pillar to post, between a rock and an even harder hard place. The Tory cabinet has lost sensible control and is running with the mob that bays the loudest.

  Cymro. 11:22 28 Aug 2019

There must be some who are in favour of the referendum. So how about more referendums then? Perhaps one for or against capital punishment or the future of the monarchy, the level of defence spending. There are plenty to choose from perhaps we could have a referendum more often on more subjects. It might be possible to run the country with less politicians we criticize them often enough so do away with some and run the country by referendum. Democracy is an overrated thing we can have too much of it.

  john bunyan 12:10 28 Aug 2019

I am sure I remember that ( it matters not if it was not Johnson himself) that when Parliament voted to apply Article 50!, the Government promised there would be a “meaningful vote” on the outcome of negotiations before we leave the EU. So far no meaningful vote has succeeded but surely one has to take place? The referendum was not specific enough, and did not give an absolute mandate to leave on No Deal terms. Parliament may be annoying but it, not the Government, are sovereign

  oresome 13:09 28 Aug 2019

I've always seen Boris as a bit of a buffoon, but I must say it's refreshing to see a leader exuding confidence both in himself and the UKs ability to prosper come what may.

Let him get on with fulfilling the referendum result. If we leave without agreement so be it. But it's not a certainty and even if we do, negotiations will continue.

  Pine Man 13:12 28 Aug 2019

even if we do, negotiations will continue.

Not according to the EU, if Boris doesn't pay the divorce bill.

  rickf 14:22 28 Aug 2019

"I've always seen Boris as a bit of a buffoon " Oh, you have used the forbidden word to describe the blonde mop. I was castigated by FE for it. Wonder if he would step in again to prove impartiality.

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