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Will it be a Bridge to far

  Govan1x 08:42 23 Jul 2020

Boris must be bored. He wants to know if it is feasible to build a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

I wonder how much it will cost just to find out.

Nothing is impossible but would this be a bridge to far.

A Tunnel maybe a bridge probably not.

What's your opinion. It was showing on sky news this morning.

  morddwyd 09:08 23 Jul 2020

Once the farmers in that essentially rural province see how well their southern neighbours are doing, Ireland will be peacefully United within ten years, possibly five.

If a bridge is still needed, and I don't see why it should be, the cost can be shared.

  Dunk 09:52 23 Jul 2020

But, in the meantime, lots of big business will benefit from huge the feasibility studies of such a project - manna to all good party donors!! Cynical? Moi?

  john bunyan 10:12 23 Jul 2020

As daft an idea as the proposed Boris airport in the Thames estuary. We are stony broke and such projects should be far more certain of being on budget and on time as well as giving a good return.

  Al94 10:54 23 Jul 2020

In Northern Ireland we are fed up listening to this drivel.

  wee eddie 11:08 23 Jul 2020

It fascinates me that those that think that the money that our Government spends, disappears into the ether.

The money that Government spends is used to pay the wages and buy the equipment and materials, to be used in whatever project it is creating. That money is then spent, VAT is levied on the spending, wages are paid and spent. Companies make profits which are taxed. Shareholders receive dividends which they spend. Directors get bonuses, which they spend on Ferraris and Aston Martins, whose Workforces earn wages which they spend. And so on, Ad Infinitum.

That is why Governments, of all persuasions, have major projects. Some more realistic than others.~ Consultants also spend what they earn and pay wages to their Staff, more money for the Taxman. This is true for all Governments: Conservative, SNP, Labour and any other that you care to think about.

What Governments are not good at, is running businesses, because Civil Servants are rarely driven to innovate and that is what makes the difference between the West, the Soviet States and China.

  john bunyan 11:58 23 Jul 2020

*wee eddie *

The Government has no money. It raises taxes of all kinds to get it. Recently we have run a “fiscal deficit “ , where we borrow to make up the difference, and an accumulated National Debt that before Covid was over 80% of annual income. With interest rates low the cost of borrowing was at about £40 billion.

Projects only generate income in the long term if there is an ongoing sustained use of the project that makes it sustainable such as the channel tunnel.Covid means our borrowing has risen to wartime levels , and leaves our grandchildren with massive debts that one day will have to be serviced and repaid by higer taxes.

Therefore capital projects must be very carefully chosen to be on budget, on time and sustainable, and HS2 , Crossrail etc prove how bad we are sometimes at budgeting.

Money spent on consults for failed projects is wasted as the tax they pay is at most 40% of what they get

  Govan1x 13:05 23 Jul 2020

12 miles between Scotland and Ireland but some atrocious weather at times. Then you have to account for sea going vessels.

At the moment he is only thinking about it but was thinking no border in Ireland so maybe shift it to Scotland.

Just shows you with everything that is going on at the moment he still has ideas for the future. Thinking ahead is not a bad thing.

I would have thought that it would be highly dangerous to build and the same applies for traveling on it.

Then I suppose it could be shut quite often because of the weather.

  Al94 15:08 23 Jul 2020

21 miles, not 12 then there's the million tonnes of wartime munitions dumped in the Beaufort Dyke but the weather has to be a massive consideration.

  morddwyd 19:52 23 Jul 2020

There are HUGE amounts of redundant ordnance dumped in these waters!

I know, I was that soldier!

It will all have to be recovered or blown. That'll take twenty plus years!

  wee eddie 21:33 23 Jul 2020

That would make the SS Richard Montgomery a pinprick

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