Will I Live That Long?

  morddwyd 08:36 21 Mar 2018

Doctors have developed a stem cell treatment that may help my vision problems

click here

As is usually the case with such research, it will be a few years before it is generally available.

I must try to stay healthy!

  Brumas 10:17 21 Mar 2018

Will I Live That Long?

If you give up all night orgies, clubbing and the demon drink perhaps, but would you still want to ? ;o}}

  wee eddie 12:42 21 Mar 2018

The lead time of many developments, being made available to the public, is between 10 and 20 years

  morddwyd 12:46 21 Mar 2018


Are you seriously suggesting the drink and the orgies? That dawg won't hunt!

  Brumas 12:50 21 Mar 2018

morddwyd, spoken like a man who lives on the edge ;o}

  Toneman 15:18 21 Mar 2018

Doctor, Doctor, if I give up wine, women and song, will I live to be a hundred?

No,...but it will seem like it...

  QuizMan 16:54 22 Mar 2018

A truly dreadful disease that my mother suffered from in her final years. I really hope that they succeed.

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