Will he be chucked out of the house of lords?

  qwbos 01:52 15 Mar 2019

Steele or putty in Smith's hands.

Lord Steel said he had "assumed" that Smith had committed the offences, but said he took no further action because: "It was before he was an MP, before he was even a member of my party. It had nothing to do with me." Lord Steel also described recommending Smith for a knighthood in 1988 and said he did not pass on any allegations about the sexual abuse of children because "I was not aware of any such allegations other than the matter referred to…which appeared to have been fully investigated."

Doesn't say much for either his judgement or standards when he was happy to recommend Smith for a knighthood even when he had "assumed" that his nominee was a child abusing pervert.

  Quickbeam 06:12 15 Mar 2019

Favours for old boys?

  Cymro. 11:02 15 Mar 2019

I doubt if they will chuck him out for this. In the great scheme of things he has just made an error of judgment and admitted to it. There are bigger rogues then him in both Houses Of Parliament

  Pine Man 11:07 15 Mar 2019

he has just made an error of judgment

Wow! that's some error that allowed Cyril Smith to continue abusing children.

  Forum Editor 11:59 15 Mar 2019

"Wow! that's some error that allowed Cyril Smith to continue abusing children."

It's worth remembering that the Police investigated allegations about Cyril Smith in 1969, and found no evidence to support a prosecution. At that time Smith was neither an MP or even a member of the Liberal Party.

Assuming something is very different to knowing it, and David Steele said he assumed that Smith was guilty of offences against children. His big mistake was in not initiating an internal Liberal Party inquiry in 1979, when he had the conversation with Smith. It was a huge error of judgement, and what I find unfathomable is how he could have continued working with a man who he assumed was a child molester.

  qwbos 12:30 15 Mar 2019

Assuming something is very different to knowing it

That's true. But how can you believe in someone's guilt then reward them as if they're innocent?

  KEITH 1955 18:01 15 Mar 2019

Ok guys if you think that's bad I suggest you read up on jimmy Savile , their are articles out their if you know where to look , the "honours committee" knew about allegations against him but he still got knighted. The BBC top brass also received information from victims but did nothing.

These type of people don't seem to think they are doing nothing wrong.

Take for example gary glitter , he arrived outside the court and jumped out of the taxi and began posing to the photographers. No wonder his solicitor was over heard by the reporters giving him a telling off. Did he also think he had done nothing wrong. Over the next few weeks various group members of the glam rock era were approached for comments , the press surprisingly got nothing because the groups closed ranks with multiple no comments.

I did not watch the recent program about Michael Jackson.

So my last comment is , when these stories surface some people refuse to believe that the accused person would do such a thing , all I can say is some people may be lying to get money from the press but is every "victim" lying ? … I think not !

  morddwyd 10:02 16 Mar 2019

For what?

It is usual to have a trial and a guilty verdict before imposing punishment.

  qwbos 16:41 16 Mar 2019

It is usual to have a trial and a guilty verdict before imposing punishment.

Steele's pretty much condemned himself.

  morddwyd 19:11 16 Mar 2019

I repeat, of what?

  qwbos 00:17 18 Mar 2019

I repeat, of what?

I would have thought it obvious.

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