Will this forum apologize to the McCanns?

  Cymro. 11:40 19 Mar 2008

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So the Express newspapers have had to apologize to Madeleine McCann's parents in a libel settlement.

As the McCann`s were also slagged off by some members on postings on this forum will the people responsible now be willing to apologize to the McCainn`s?

I am particularly interested in what F.E. has to say about the way the McCann`s were treated by some on this forum.

  Quickbeam 11:59 19 Mar 2008

The apology the Express is making is for fueling itself into a frenzy of spectacular front pages that it should have thought through more carefully.

I've just looked through some of the old postings here on the McCanne's.

By far the commonest comments are regarding them leaving their children unattended... Any vilification over this point is still valid as far as I'm concerned. They are both professionals that would in the course of there work report others to the police for similar occurrences.

  lofty29 12:05 19 Mar 2008

I am in total agreement with quickbeam, if it had been a single mother on a council estate they would have been down on her like a ton of bricks and rightly so

  tillybaby 13:12 19 Mar 2008

I too must agree although I'm sure the McCann's have thought 'If only' a million times and must live with the consequences of their actions until Madeleine is found or for the rest of their lives if the little girl isn't,

They did say that exactly the same thing could have happened to anyone if their child was playing out and someone was intent on stealing her as you can't watch them 24 hrs. a day, I must admit though that when mine were pre school they never ever left the garden and that had a six foot fence all around.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:29 19 Mar 2008

No chance, they left their children unattended and there are many inconsistencies with their tales. The amount of 'coincidences' are truly eye-opening and if they appeared in a film, no one would believe it.

I also think that I am the best person to decide if any apologies are due from myself and not someone who I do not know, who uses the forum and seems to think that it is a single sentient being.


  wee eddie 13:38 19 Mar 2008

We have, only, their word that she was put to bed with the others.

Regardless of the situation they have to be suspects. That is not to say that you suspect that they did, what-so-ever happened, but they did have the opportunity, so the possibility cannot be ignored.

Headlines will always be a Hostage to Fortune.

  lisa02 14:11 19 Mar 2008


  €dstowe 14:52 19 Mar 2008

They became official suspects by the Portuguese police - is that police force going to be pressured into paying gazillions of pounds/Euros/whatevers to compensate these people who behaved in the ways previously expounded, for example, by GANDALF <|:-)>?

  newman35 15:29 19 Mar 2008

Ditto from me , too.

  DrScott 17:14 19 Mar 2008

the press have been forced into apologising.

I'd hope, were I to have a children and one was abducted, people would be more concerned with the perpetrator rather than me as a parent.

Whether leaving the kids alone or not is rather irrelevant in this context - they didn't deserve to have their child abducted.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:38 19 Mar 2008

'Whether leaving the kids alone or not is rather irrelevant in this context'...errrmmm, if they hadn't left her alone then she would not have been 'abducted'. Seems rather relevant to me.


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