Will Cameron now get some Ecky Thump ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:22 12 Sep 2015

David Cameron's Yorkshire 'hate' joke caught on mic

click here Ecky Thump ?

You can deduce three main things from this :-

Even so called experienced politicians make stupid mistakes

These speeches / question times are never spontaneous

Cameron, no matter how good or bad you feel he is going as PM, should not give up his day job and turn to comedy


  Quickbeam 09:17 12 Sep 2015

We have a saying to cover this situation... "If the cap fits, tha must wear it!".

  morddwyd 09:59 12 Sep 2015

With Corbyn looking to be a shoe in (1000am) Cameron is not doing a lot to dispel the "Tory Toffs" image.

  Quickbeam 10:03 12 Sep 2015

We know how to deal with toffs, we hate them more than each other;-)

  hssutton 10:21 12 Sep 2015

Why would lancastrians be at all bothered about what Cameron thinks about Yorkshire people. No doubt they would probably agree :)

  morddwyd 10:26 12 Sep 2015

Exactly so. From the Yorkshire people I know, Cameron will be well beneath their dignity they won't even think Cameron worth the expenditure of some ecky thump.

Lest anyone think I'm a Yorkshire lover, I found it the most unfriendly place I;ve ever been to (in the UK that is!) and "call a spade a spade" is a eupemism for being damned rude!

  Quickbeam 10:35 12 Sep 2015

Yorkshire's a local county for local people...

  morddwyd 10:41 12 Sep 2015

Won't argue with that, but you do like to see a bit of unlocal money from us tourists now and again!

I know, brass is brass!

  Quickbeam 10:50 12 Sep 2015

Aye lad... but 'tis jus't same in North Wales and 't Highlands!

  Forum Editor 12:08 12 Sep 2015


"I found it the most unfriendly place I;ve ever been to (in the UK that is!) and "call a spade a spade" is a eupemism for being damned rude!"

I lived in Yorkshire in my youth, and I'm afraid to say that I agree with that sentiment.

  Forum Editor 12:15 12 Sep 2015


"Yorkshire's a local county for local people."

That strikes me as an odd thing to say - it could apply to any county, and doesn't mean anything. Yorkshire people seem to make a big thing about being different, but in reality they are the same as the rest of us, there's nothing particularly special about Yorkshire, apart from the fact that lots (but by no means all) of its people seem to have a problem with common courtesy and modesty.

'I say what I like, and I like what I say' sums them up pretty well, I think.

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