Will apathy rule the Election or don't you care.

  bremner 09:45 15 Apr 2010

In yesterdays Times it postulated that many people are so fed up with politics and politicians that they would prefer a hung parliament that forced politicians to compromise. click here

It has also been said by some commentators that for similar reasons the turnout could be the lowest for many elections.

Will you vote, do you want a hung parliament and would it be good for Britain to have a coalition government.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:01 15 Apr 2010

I live in an area where just the mention of the phrases 'Left Wing + Socialist Brothers' is enough to prime the Purdeys, set the man traps and where Labour supporters have the dogs set on them. Interestingly in the 2 locals, there is a large number of staunch voters who have said that they will not be voting as they are totally disenchanted with the rapacious MPs and the lack of stern Government esp. Brown sucking up big time to the banks. I was very surprised by the number of voters who claim that they will not vote.


  canarieslover 10:01 15 Apr 2010

I reckon that a hung government will be the worst thing that could possibly come out of this election. Instead of getting on and running the country properly there will be much time wasted trying to get anything through parliament as each of the parties will be more interested in their own points of view rather than getting on with the job. Compromise will be needed, and that always takes time. I am almost convinced that we need a dictator as the quickest way out of our current problems. At least we would get decisions instantly, rather than a year or two later.

  bri-an 10:07 15 Apr 2010

Yes, think of all the money saved by not having elections, and all the worry about who to vote for.
Problem solved!

  Grey Goo 10:49 15 Apr 2010

Got one already. Physco. never elected and is never wrong, also has a sleazbag Junta to carry out his edicts. Fits the job description perfectly.

  jakimo 10:49 15 Apr 2010

"I am almost convinced that we need a dictator"

one of these perhaps,

ColonelQaddafi Robert Mugabe Omal al-Basshir King Abdullah

  Quickbeam 11:25 15 Apr 2010

I haven't voted in a general election since'97. But am now the going to vote positively... one last chance before I consider permanent voter apathy.

That's doesn't sound too optimistic, does it?

  Quickbeam 11:32 15 Apr 2010

I live in an area where the working man still votes Labour because their father did, and grandfather, and Gt grandfather, and... They also still make statements like, 'Labour is for the working man, Tories are for the posh', and believe it.

So, however I vote. I'll still get a Labour MP, even if Hartlepool's monkey stands!

  hssutton 11:40 15 Apr 2010

The saying around these parts, is "I Labour for my money, so I'm voting labour"

  Grey Goo 11:53 15 Apr 2010

Think it may now be "I sit on my backside and live on benefits, so i'm voting Labour". Not confined to any particular area just generalised.

  wiz-king 12:18 15 Apr 2010

Let the Queen have a play until the others sort themselves out.

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