will anyone now fly british airways

  sunnystaines 16:47 20 Feb 2010

they are now talking about strike action over easter, which is a cheek after distrupting xmas for so many.

i would have no confidence in book BA because you never know when their next strike could arise.

the union could cost BA millions which in turn may result in many employees being made redundant.

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  Forum Editor 16:56 20 Feb 2010

"Assistant general secretary (of UNITE) McCluskey, said: 'I want to make it abundantly clear that we will not call action over the Easter holiday period. We are making this announcement now so families can plan their travel arrangements in confidence."

The planned strike at Christmas did not go ahead - the travel chaos was caused by the weather, not by BA staff.

  sunnystaines 17:00 20 Feb 2010


I wonder how many people over xmas prior to the strike being called off in panic and paid to switch airlines or cancelled arrangements because of the threat.

Now if you had plans to fly at easter would you book BA knowing they might strike or by another airline for full peace of mind.

  wiz-king 17:12 20 Feb 2010

'will anyone now fly british airways'
Will anyone be flying at all? We must be due another French air traffic control strike soon, a general strike in Greece would take out a couple of airlines and one Spanish airline (Air Comet)has folded so far this year.

  john bunyan 17:27 20 Feb 2010

"Will anyone be flying at all?"
At least it will help on carbon emissions.

  octal 18:48 20 Feb 2010

I've booked with BA at the end of September this year for our holidays, it is in the low season plus I believe the staff that fly out of Gatwick are already on the new contracts, so the risk of a strike is low. I would certainly reconsider if I was flying from Heathrow in the high season though. Who knows, Virgin Atlantic might go bust, you can never tell these days, it just a risk you have to take, otherwise you wouldn't go anywhere.

  spuds 19:26 20 Feb 2010

When Ryanair can divert passengers to another island and apparently leave them stranded, and possibly to sort out their own travel connecting arrangements, then anything is questionable with air or any other travel arrangements nowadays :O((

Many years ago in my air travel days, I and my friends use to consider the names of airlines, and the service that we considered that was offered. Here's are few to ponder LIAT,BWIA,BA,Aero Pesca.

  ulrich 19:41 20 Feb 2010

Ferry to the Isle of Man. Why fly anywhere else.
I spent 3 weeks at the Manx GP camping and I bet I had more fun than all this flying around even though it rained every day. I am 63 this year an can't wait to do it again. I forgot I was on my 150mph motorcyle which cost £900. I will be marshalling at the TT as well.

  octal 19:53 20 Feb 2010

"Why fly anywhere else"

I think this could be the reason;

"even though it rained every day"

It sounds like you enjoy yourself though.

I just like to get away for some sunshine for a couple of weeks, mind you, if we have a summer like we had last year we won't have to travel too far to get our dose of vitamin D.

  spuds 19:57 20 Feb 2010

Doe's the name Owen Greenwood ring a bell, or is that before your time?.

  sunnystaines 20:04 20 Feb 2010

LIAT is that the inter island air travel in west indies?
BWIA years ago they flew heathrow to trinidad not heard of them for ages
aeropesca do not know that one, sounds south america.

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