Wikipedia blackout

  interzone55 11:31 18 Jan 2012

How on earth are lazy journalists going to research their stories without Wikipedia?

Perhaps Thursday's papers will be a little more accurate if the stories have had to be researched from sources that are not quite so easy to maliciously amend...

  spuds 18:05 18 Jan 2012


When I post other links without the under-dashes/underscores, the links seem to always work. I have noticed that other forum members have mentioned this, when they have done the same using under-dashes/underscores?.

Thanks for the information, I will try that in the future.

  spuds 18:09 18 Jan 2012


Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

Us silver surfers live and learn every day ;o)

  lotvic 18:12 18 Jan 2012

That's intriguing the 'square bracket' 1 'square bracket' that I typed changed into 1 which only after posting became a link for

I do believe if you paste a url straight in then after Posting anything between two underscores changes into italics and breaks the link

seems to work ok otherwise

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