Wikipedia To Be Edited

  bremner 16:53 26 Aug 2009

Not a subject for a great deal of debate but really just a news item click here

  interzone55 17:02 26 Aug 2009

This has been on the cards for a while.

The idea that ANYONE can edit any page of a resource like Wikipedia was simply asking for trouble.

Many times pages have been locked from editing due to vandalism by mindless idiots...

  Cymro. 17:19 26 Aug 2009

I have also wondered how it could work without some sort of editing.
So what is Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales doing wearing that in the photo on the BBC link provided above.

  laurie53 20:15 26 Aug 2009

Wikipedia is excellent as source of basic background knowledge, and of recommendations for further reading, on almost any subject.

However, as fourm member says, it is notoriously unreliable as a definitive source, and is certainly not the fount of all knowledge that some contributors to these forums seem think it is.

  Forum Editor 23:03 26 Aug 2009

and you'll realise how desperately it needs something like this. It's unfortunate that so many people tend to rely on it as an authority on pretty well everything.

  interzone55 09:04 27 Aug 2009

I passed huge chunks of an HNC (with a distincion on every module and 100% on most) mainly using cut & pasted text from Wikipedia.

It worries me that a) the blatant plagiarism wasn't spotted by the tutor and b) the factual errors weren't picked up.

I don't mention the HNC on applications as I feel I didn't earn it.

I have other issues with the course, college and examination, mainly along the lines of allowing students to re-write submissions, with errors highlighted and huge signposts pointing towards sources of correct answers.
I found it all akin to getting your driving instructor to do your driving test...

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