Wii fit-Exercise aid or gimmicky toy?

  WhiteTruckMan 22:55 21 Jul 2009

Does anyone have any opinions on these? One is being discussed here (we already have the console) and I was wondering if they were just an excuse for a new toy.


  Pamy 22:58 21 Jul 2009

Any way to exercise is useull surerly?

  Pamy 22:59 21 Jul 2009

useull = useful

  Pesala 23:16 21 Jul 2009

Is a very useful exercise program. (~_~)

I need a pedal powered computer.

I think the WII Fitness program might work for some. click here

  Rigga 08:07 22 Jul 2009

We have one, and it is like any exercise aid. If you use it it aids exercise if you don't it doesn't.. simples..

When you first use it it can be a bit depressing having a computer game tell you you're fat, but if you don't mind that, and are prepared to use it most days for 10 mins or so, you will definitely feel the difference.

Also, as a side note, the mini games are fun to play with friends, even if you don't use it as an exercise aid.


  canarieslover 09:18 22 Jul 2009

I bought one for a laugh. The laugh is on me because I thought it would be easy. If you use it properly it can bring you to a sweat quite easily, though it depends how fit you are to start with. I would thoroughly recommend it. Great competition with the wife as well as I don't want her taking the pee out of me.

  v1asco 20:14 22 Jul 2009

If you google you will find tests and comparisons, usually using a trained athelete as the tester. The result is usually of no benefit.

To me it avoids going to the gym (I have access to a free one) and saves any feelings of inferiority at such places where most are muscle bound. Also, I detest those boring bikes and treadmills (which I thought were considered inhumane a few years back).

It will never take the place of a fitness trainer but there are lots of exercises that have improved my well being. There is yoga (which I would never have thought of doing), physical, balance and aerobics.

It checks me every time I start a session and usually lets me know my state afterwards, the whole lot is charted, weight loss, BMI etc.

I have never been athletic or agile, but now at 58 seem to be getting more flexible. I have also lost a stone in 2 months, of course with a diet and swimming.

In conclusion, anything that gets me moving must be benificial and making an ass of myself in my own home is fine by me. Then afterwards I have to suffer the indignity of the Wife knocking me out in Boxing or beating me at skiing. Overall, good fun.

At 58 and diabetic weight is now a ma

  Forum Editor 23:25 22 Jul 2009

and is used by my son's girlfriend and my wife, both of whom say that it's good fun and provides a useful way of exercising when they can't get to the gym.

It's used every day by one or the other of them.

  Si_L 00:42 23 Jul 2009

Its a laugh for a while, but not that good in my opinion. It will take your weight every day and help you set targets to work towards to either losing or gaining weight, working towards a BMI of 22, and in that respect it might work as a form of encouragement to exercise. I have no need for it, but the balance games were fun. For serious exercise and a proper workout, you can't beat proper cardio work and a gym session though, this just doesn't compare.

Bottom line is, if you are considering it as a serious way to lose weight and get in shape, look elsewhere.

  OTT_Buzzard 01:18 23 Jul 2009

Gmmicky toy, but good fun and anything is better than nothing!

  Chegs ®™ 02:15 23 Jul 2009

I dont have one,prefer to take the family & dog on long walks(especially in the warmer weather and explore pathways we find I didnt know existed despite passing these paths by car for many years)and my opinion is the same as bugles "anything that gets me moving must be benificial and making an ass of myself in my own home is fine by me." I refuse to go to a gym and make an ass of myself in public.

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