Why won't the Medical Profession listen

  Kevscar1 08:31 28 Jun 2012

This is the e-mail I sent after last weeks visit.

Dear Professor In Oct 2010 I was sent to Addenbrookes PSSU for a Pamidronate Infusion, I later found out that the Specialist had not told them what why my condition was or how I needed to be treated and that none of them had ever heard of RSD. I was sat with both hands on a pillow when a nurse walked up sat dow and with out saying a word grabbed my hand with both of his and with his thumbs pressed into the back pulled it towards him. As a result I was left with a permanant increase in the pain levels and a number of DVT's in my arm. This is why I specified to you that I was ultra-hypersensitive to touch and had a spread caused by the use of a sensitivity pin 4 ins outside the area. I presume that because of all the extra patients because of th strike that you just did not listen to me. If you had done and had done a visual examination first you would have seen that there a white spots and lumps in practically every blood vessel and the main one does a sharp dogleg just below the wrist and looks as if it had been hit with an axe. I would have demonstated that my heart can no longer pump blood hard enough to overcome gravity so that if I put my hand down the blood pools causing my hand to swell ++ and the veins to bulge until they look and feel as if they are about to explode. The mauling you gave my hand has caused a further permant increase in the pain levels but worse reignited the spread, It now completely encircles the wrist and you can see vein damage as well on the inside and it has spread another inch or so up the outide of the arm and I have no idea if it will stop before reaching the elbow. I know of 2 people in the UK and there must be thousands more throughout the world where once it has completely encircled the limb eventualy restricts the bloodflow so much that it has caused gangrene and they have had to amputations to save their lives. Once my specialist realised I get instant immunity after one dose of any painkillers, I demonstated it by taking 3 times the max dose at is clinic he knew that the only possibility of helping me was the 5 day Ketamine Coma but tried to arrange this in Germany 18 months after they banned it, so if you want to try anything first of all you need to find someone who can repair a neuro-receptor disorder and knws the protocol for treating RSD suffers. Then you person that does nerve blocks would have to know of a drug thats unheard of by John Hopkins Hospital, The Mayo Clinic, The International RSD Research Foundation, RSDSA who fund research in the US and UK, Trend a group of 7 Dutch Hospital and Drug companies and every other specialst in the world nothing has more than a 50% chance of working and none of them no of a drug that will prevent spreads. While I have no problem giving you a disclaimer for amputation because I know there is a good cahnce of success although there are risks involved that would not extend to procedures where I know the risk of making things worse signifcantly outweighs any possible gain. At the current rate of spread I estimate I have possibly 6 weeks until it reaches my elbow, while I don't mind taking risks which I know if successful will help thousands of others if the amputation has to be done above elbow there is no artificail limb which would allow me to drive again. If you feel you cannot help I need to know so I can see if plan B is possible.

  sunnystaines 10:05 28 Jun 2012

kevscar sorry to hear your still have a bad time, wish you well as best as you can be with that dreadful condition.

  lotvic 21:41 28 Jun 2012

I hope the Professor sends you a positive response to that email. You have set situation out very clearly.

  Kevscar1 15:37 05 Jul 2012

No Apology nothing just a copy of the letter to my doctor saying I should be refered to another doctor re peripheral nerve blocks. Obviously doesn't read either

  interzone55 16:10 05 Jul 2012

Doctors rarely listen to anyone, because like the Pope, they think they're infallible.

My ex-wife had a serious run in with a doctor who just assumed she had IBS and wouldn't listen to any advise to the contrary. When we got a court order for release of the doctor's notes she should said my ex had "White Coat Syndrome and was behaving hysterically" - this was the day before she was rushed into hospital with a ruptured bowel and was in intensive care for 5 weeks.

the bowel was ruptured because the treatment the doctor gave for IBS was exactly the opposite to the treatment she should have given.

Anyway she was sacked from that surgery and ended up working part-time at a womens prison.

A GP is one of the few professionals who do not have to attend and training sessions to update their skills after qualification - presumably because they're perfect...

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