Why a view a minute?

  spuds 12:15 03 Jul 2013

Seeing that it is rather quiet on the forum again, I thought a contribution as to peoples activities might be in order?.

Placing a question in various sections on the forum seems to bring 3/4 immediate 'views', and throughout the day or week, many more views, but perhaps very little actual input to a thread.

Is it a case of curiosity, boredom, wanting to gain knowledge or other many other reasons?.

In my own case on viewing or contribution can be based on subject matter in the Helproom, Consumer, Speakers Corner or Beginners with the occasional look in at the Tech Business.

Peoples names always brings further interest, because on some occasions you can 'feel' how the thread with turn out, possibly at Speakers Corner more so!.

So what's the answer?.

  Quickbeam 12:23 03 Jul 2013

"Is it a case of curiosity, boredom, wanting to gain knowledge or other many other reasons?." Err, yes...

  spuds 13:27 03 Jul 2013

Oh but what is the main one, or isn't there one?.

  Flak999 14:42 03 Jul 2013

I tend to agree, things do seem to run in fits and starts. I view most of the threads in speakers corner and will reply to those that interest me. In the main I don't do trivia, so that excludes a goodly proportion. As for names garnering more interest than others, I always view FM contributions as there is always the possibility of a good old row, because I always seem to vehemently disagree with virtually everything he says!

Likewise, I always view FE pronouncements, as his put downs are legendary, ( I should know, I have been on the receiving end of a few!)

We do seem to be a small but select little band here on speakers corner, others come and go but there does seem to be the regular dozen or so stalwarts that keep coming back for more. (Are we really all middle aged white men nearing or at retirement?)

I wonder if it's the same on other forums across the internet?

  Quickbeam 14:49 03 Jul 2013

Mainly idle time wasting I fear.

  Forum Editor 15:26 03 Jul 2013

"I wonder if it's the same on other forums across the internet?"

That's certainly the tendency. I've been involved in running other forums and they're all pretty much alike. Most forums have a hard core of people who - for whatever reason - have the time to check the posts more regularly than others. Some of them feel the need to respond to virtually every thread that appears, whilst others stick to subjects they know something about, or topics that are of genuine interest, rather than the 'what's your favourite type of biscuit' threads.

In the main, many more people just read; they don't post, being content to see the kind of discussions (and arguments) that take place here. One thing that is sure to attract an audience is a good old-fashioned row - people like to see if their least favourite regular is finally going to get his/her comeuppance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 03 Jul 2013

Speakers corner - view most, comment if it piques my interest.

Helproom - again view most and comment wherever I think I can help

Other forums I occasionly have a look in but rarely comment.

  spuds 16:36 03 Jul 2013

"One thing that is sure to attract is a good old-fashioned row"

When the next one due?.

I wonder if the advertising ratings increase during those peak hours :O)

  sunnystaines 17:25 03 Jul 2013

the wealth of knowledge on this forum is outstanding.

i view each morning with my cup of coffee homepage/tech help/mobile/consumer/speakers/w8.

often browse in the evening too.

  nickf 17:41 03 Jul 2013

I will generally take a peek over breakfast, if there is anything that I find particularly interesting I will follow during the day . If I see something I can give useful input or I am itching for a bit of a barny , then I post away , and hell to the consequences! Lol

  Forum Editor 20:29 03 Jul 2013

"When the next one due?."

if there's one thing that is as certain as the sun rising in the morning it's the fact that rows here are like buses - there's usually another one coming along soon.

Years ago we had at least one heated discussion running each day, sometimes more. They're not as unpleasant nowadays - there used to be a great deal of personal abuse at one time. It was due to my determination to put a stop to it that I gained my reputation as the forum's most liked man - something that has endured to this day.

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