why should we suffer junk calls

  KEITH 1955 12:27 06 Feb 2019

Ok so you know the drill you get a call from Microsoft or windows security to say you have a problem. The latest ones are automated compete with a robotic voice that actually knows your Christian name and they tell you your phone and internet will be cut off in 1 hour if you don't press certain buttons on your phone. I know somebody who fell for it and the line was locked at premium rate for over 1 hour.

They tend to go in phases , so far today I have had about 7 in 3 hours and the only reason I cant unplug the phone is because my 96 year old mum is in hospital.

I know you can buy phones or add ons phone lines that learn as you block a number , I have just found out it is possible to buy an expemsive device that will stop all these types of calls . My argument is this , why should we have to buy devices to stop these calls , if its so easy why cant the exchanges do it for us.

FOOTNOTE I know people outside England use this forum so was wondering , if you live outside England does your country get pestered by these calls.

  Pine Man 12:51 06 Feb 2019

You make yourself available by phone and internet so you can contact people and be contacted.

If you want to restrict those people who contact you by phone or internet you take steps to try and prevent them.

I have a phone that will only allow people in my contacts list to dial straight through OR announce who they are so I can decide if I want to speak to them. If they don't announce they don't get through.

What you have to consider is that how can a phone company decide if the person calling you is a bona fide caller that is not in your contacts list or a junk caller?

  KEITH 1955 12:54 06 Feb 2019

Without being racist the calls I was referring to are the ones that are international most of which are Pakistan and india.

  oresome 12:57 06 Feb 2019

I've purchased a phone that blocks unwanted calls or makes them identify themselves before I answer, but I can also block unwanted calls at the exchange with my TalkTalk account an no extra cost.

Whenever I look at the phone there are several calls shown that have not actually sounded the ring tone because the caller hasn't followed the identifying procedure.


  Pine Man 12:59 06 Feb 2019

Where they come from is irrelevant in my opinion. Unless you can be 100% sure that you won't ever make or receive an international call and then you can bar them all through the phone company for a charge.

  Forum Editor 14:00 06 Feb 2019

"why should we have to buy devices to stop these calls , if its so easy why cant the exchanges do it for us."

Why do people expect everything to be done for them by someone else?

The phone rings - you recognise instantly that it's a junk call, and you ring off. It's that simple, isn't it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 06 Feb 2019

Just had one from the bank - when they insisted I couldn't deal with it in the branch, only over the phone, I insisted that it wouldn't then get dealt with and rang off.

I count myself lucky as I get very few of these types of call.

My mother was plagued with them until we bought her a "call guardian phone"

  Forum Editor 15:19 06 Feb 2019

"My mother was plagued with them until we bought her a "call guardian phone"

As was mine. She narrowly avoided a scam caller succeeding in getting access to her bank account one day. Fortunately she felt uneasy after the call, and contacted one of my brothers - he got the bank to stop the payment.

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable because by and large they are not so well informed about the risks - huge numbers of them are not internet-connected, or even computer literate. That will tend to change, as the current computer savvy generation reaches old age.

  Menzie 15:47 06 Feb 2019

if its so easy why cant the exchanges do it for us.

It's not, we live in the age of VOIP; I can get a number from many countries right now and make free local calls in those countries.

Then you have number spoofing where using equipment they can make your caller ID show a completely different name and number from the one calling.

If telephone companies started going around blocking numbers then sooner or later genuine customers would have trouble making calls.

  BT 09:16 07 Feb 2019

..so far today I have had about 7 in 3 hours

The big question is WHY?

I do get the occasional Cold Call but on average only one or two a MONTH. I'm with the Telephone Preference Service and Ex Directory but as most of these calls are generated by Auto Diallers its not possible top stop them completely.

The 'You've been in an accident' ones are usually dealt with by agreeing with them and then telling them the accident was so bad I had to have my head amputated. Its amazing how long it takes them to catch on.

The 'Your BT Router has been hacked' is dealt with by saying 'I'm with Virgin' and after a bit of discussion I say 'I also work for Virgin so I know' (I don't really!!)

Other ones are dealt with with whatever I can think of at the time

FE tells us to just put the phone down. OK this does work but what it doesn't do is pass on the message that you don't want their calls. The more you make it clear to them the more likely you will be taken off their call lists.

  onthelimit1 15:45 08 Feb 2019

So why have I NEVER had one of these calls? Feeling a bit left out!

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