Why should somone who

  pj123 16:36 14 Oct 2005

has legally bought a domain name be forced to give it up?

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Am I being naive?

I have just done a domain name search and found that, for example, "lordcoe.com" and "lordcoe.co.uk" are both still available. If I decided to buy one or both of these domain names why should I be forced to hand them over to Lord Seb Coe if he decided they were his?

  spuds 16:54 14 Oct 2005

America states click here Now whether this applies to the UK legal system or Nominet and similar organizations worldwide would depend on many factors. Perhaps the FE as the answer!.

  spuds 16:56 14 Oct 2005

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  igk 17:01 14 Oct 2005

I know that in the past people speculated and some made a lot of money buying and selling domain names (nothing wrong with that in my opinion)but it seems that this has changed for some reason (probably jealosy)This whole 2012 thing has got out of hand and there was a news report (BBC)not long ago stating that nearer the time it will be an offence (civil)to use certain words in conjunction with each other for example,if a cafe/public house has a board outside its premises stating that people could watch the "Games" on widescreen tv or use the date "2012" in anyway connected with "olympic" and"London" this would be an offence..
" Am I being naive?"...Not at all..

  pj123 18:00 14 Oct 2005

The "businessman" is being accused of using these domain names to "tout for business". But isn't that what all the Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed &
Breakfast and anybody else who want to attract business their way is doing?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 05:58 16 Oct 2005

cant see why he wants to advertise accomodation
i think the only advertising the proprietors will need come the olympics is sign on the door saying sorry we are full.

anyway joking aside

he could be on sticky ground using london 2012 for advertising buisiness as it is a trademark so would therefor require permission to use it

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if you scroll down the page london.com and derivatives are listed under the olympic mark (trademark)

  spuds 11:00 16 Oct 2005

Like all these things in 'all mine' society, I suppose if I was to register 'Idonotsupporttheolympicgames2012.com', then someone somewhere would state that I am breaking the rules or infringing copyrights.

This particular businessman as a tourist business, which no doubt will cater for the inflow of worldwide tourists for this event. A simple google shot may make other peoples lifes more easier, if a domain gave them a lead to what they may want. After all it will still bring funding into the UK.

Must end now, rushing off to register ibreathfreshairwhilstitsfree.com or something similar before someone objects.

  pj123 16:38 16 Oct 2005

Well, as Victor would say, I don't believe it.

I have just registered and bought a domain name:

www. sebcoe.co.uk

I don't intend to do anything with it but I can't believe that Lord Sebastian Coe has not protected his interests. I also see that .sebcoe.com was registered in July this year by someone called Peter Sumner.

  justme 21:44 17 Oct 2005

What I can't understand is how the olympic people can register 2012 as theirs. If I remember correctly, Intel tried to make 5086 a trademark and were told that they could not register a number as a trademark. They then renamed their new processor a 'pentium'.

Have Lord Coe and Co have got the rules changed?

  justme 21:47 17 Oct 2005

Too many haves.. the last sentence should read
Have Lord Coe and Co got the rules changed?

  jack 12:13 18 Oct 2005

There will always be someone[or organiztion] who will percieve that anything resembling their given 'mark' as an infringment.
If nothing else it is good publicity.
Some years ago I recall a hairdresser[I think it was] simply put a large gold coloured 'No.5' over his shop[It was after all No5 the highstreet of somewhere] Chanel got to hear about it and took the matter to litigation.
The interesting thing here is this place was probably a tiny town somewhere in the shires, how could Chanel have got to know? I am sure they dont employ spies in every town in every country -It was I believe a put up job by perhaps by both parties for a little bit of publicity.- Harrosd too have played this game and many others.

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