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Why should I visit these tech forums or main site?

  rodger-2321489 16:46 23 Aug 2017

Because I am fed up with ads constantly flicking the page around and interrupting my reading. Why should I put up with such rude interruptions?

  Forum Editor 17:56 24 Aug 2017

"What do I have to gain here?"

How do i know? You're the one who brought up the subject of being banned. I simply made the point that if you re-registered with a new username, you would effectively not be the person who was banned. You would be a new forum user to all intents and purposes.

When someone is banned, all that person's posts are deleted - it's as if that persona never existed.

  bumpkin 20:38 24 Aug 2017

LBM, I fail to see the logic in joining a forum on the basis that you can return as an alias if banned. Why join in the first place if you feel you may be banned, also how do you know it is possible to return here. I am of the opinion that you have been banned from this forum before.

  Menzie 02:26 29 Aug 2017

I'm browsing on my phone with Firefox Mobile for Android. No issues here with any intrusive advertising.

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