Why oh why ....

  Nontek 09:54 17 Jul 2013

are convicted murderers and other very serious offenders housed in Open Prisons???

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One reads of this happening in so many cases, I just cannot understand why the authorities put such convicted offenders into such places!

  HondaMan 10:03 17 Jul 2013

Possibly because it's cheaper?

  wiz-king 10:08 17 Jul 2013

Because it is a part of the rehabilitation process, as they get nearer to release they are sent to an 'easier' prison if they are considered suitable.

  Nontek 10:10 17 Jul 2013


Hmm yes, I hadn't thought of that .... even at the obvious expense of more lives lost and more crimes committed.

  Nontek 10:13 17 Jul 2013


Yes that may be the idea, but surely years of experience of further crimes being committed by career criminals and murderers, the authorities would realise that some people just cannot be rehabilitated - to the detriment of law abiding citizens.

  spuds 11:44 17 Jul 2013

Nontek, didn't you raise a similar subject recently click here problem that some people might not consider, is that some criminal's become 'institutionalised', and eventually they never want to leave. And perhaps more so, if their lives have been rather easy and secure, and possibly defending them from the rat race outside?.

Doing a runner, would return the person back to prison, without all the pomp and expensive legal work, and the person having to perhaps commit further crimes, so as to return?.

I am not saying its the answer in this case, because each case is based on its own merit, but it might be worth considering though?.


  spuds 11:47 17 Jul 2013

Looks like the 'click here' as caused the bounced (One) to the bottom of the page problem, and joined it up to a previous sentence?.

  fourm member 11:57 17 Jul 2013

so many cases

One high profile case easily becomes 'so many cases' in the public mind.

There are around 2,000 lifers under parole supervision and around 5% a year get recalled to prison. That's less that 100 but it is believed that only around 20 or so of those are the result of a serious crime.

As with everything, the balance has to be struck. High security prisons are, obviously, more expensive to maintain so it becomes the old question of what has to be cut if you want to keep lifers away from open prisons and how much more harm results from those cuts?

  woodchip 12:20 17 Jul 2013

It will always prove True, that Proved Murderers should be put down like a MAD DOG and its cheaper on t.he Taxpayer and populace. Anybody that says different should take the place of those left behind to suffer.

  fourm member 12:25 17 Jul 2013


If I may just offer a word of caution. In written form it is often difficult to determine what a writer is trying to convey.

I'm afraid that even with such a barking mad post as this there will be some who think you are serious rather than satirising the lunatic fringe.

  namtas 13:16 17 Jul 2013


How would you deal with the situation where someone was "put down" and it was subsequently proven shortly after that a mistake had been made ?

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