Why not have a pub lunch

  bumpkin 19:05 08 Aug 2013

Nice day again so I took my family to a local pub for lunch.

3x burger and chips, 1 pizza, 1 cheese sandwich and a potato soup.

A few drinks while we waited, 3 pints of lager, 3 halves of shandy, a coke, bottle of fizzy water and 2 raspberry soft drinks.

Bill £78, I am surprised that people are becoming reluctant to enjoy this pleasant experience.

  tullie 19:14 08 Aug 2013

Im not surprised with prices like that.

  Chronos the 2nd 19:23 08 Aug 2013

£78!!! Wow.

  bumpkin 19:23 08 Aug 2013

tullie " I am surprised that people are becoming reluctant to enjoy this pleasant experience" perhaps a little sarcastic of me.

  bumpkin 20:04 08 Aug 2013

Chronos, yes absolutely stupid so I doubt i will be doing that again in the near future.

  wee eddie 21:04 08 Aug 2013

I added it all up and got to that sort of price with little trouble.

I agree that it's a lot of money but, unless to surroundings were manky, the food substandard and the service dire, I don't think it's unreasonable

  Aitchbee 21:09 08 Aug 2013

bumpkin, why don't you try a weekend family break?

4 of my closest relatives [ 3 women and a baby ] are all off on a bus tour holiday to Blackpool. They departed Glasgow 8am this morning.

3 nights stay [4 days in all] with breakfast & evening meals and tea-making facilities etc and a 99p 'bar' as well [ on house drinks], for a couple of hours in the evening, plus 2 day-excursions.

All for only £89 each, baby no charge!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:14 08 Aug 2013

I'd be interested to know how much of that was for the drinks? Especially the non alcoholic ones.


  bumpkin 21:19 08 Aug 2013

wee eddie, the food was good, the service a little slow. Don't go to pubs that often so maybe a bit out of touch with prices but £8.50 for a sandwich seemed expensive to me as did £11.50 for a burger, I will crawl back under my stone it is a lot cheaper.

  bumpkin 21:35 08 Aug 2013

WTM £54 was the food.

Aitchbee, good suggestion but this was just a spur of the moment thing. That by comparison is a brilliant deal but I live down south where everything is a rip off. Love Scotland but just too cold for me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 08 Aug 2013

I live down south

That's why the prices are "high", my lunch cost (Midlands) yesterday for 4 adults one child was half that price - Sandwiches were £3.95

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