Why no alarm on this house?

  Colonel Graham 10:32 26 Jun 2011

An elderly couple are woken by armed robbers in their bedroom at 1am, in a sleepy village. They were tied up and cash and valuable jewelry stolen. Why didn’t they have an alarm?

When I settle down in front of the TV in the evening, I set the alarm. This covers back and front doors, and the garage. When it is time to retire and go upstairs, I operate a switch in the airing cupboard which activates the motion sensors downstairs.

I predict that Monday morning will see quite a few alarm company vans on the streets.

  Quickbeam 10:33 26 Jun 2011


  birdface 11:29 26 Jun 2011

Probably if they had an alarm they would forget and have the alarm going off a weird times.

Maybe they have but cannot remember the the password or numbers.

Or maybe like me nothing of value to steal.

I think houses with alarms in them are in a minority and not everyone has or wants one.

I think the sleepy village syndrome may have had something to do with it.

No problems for decades and then this happens.

  Forum Editor 11:36 26 Jun 2011

"Why didn’t they have an alarm?"

Perhaps they didn't see the need for one, or perhaps they couldn't afford the cost.

Perhaps they simply grew up in an age when it wasn't necessary to plaster your house with sensors and alarm boxes. Whatever the reason, it seems somewhat pointless asking why. The fact is that - like millions of other homes throughout Britain - there wasn't an alarm fitted.

  Quickbeam 11:46 26 Jun 2011

My alarm is an organic canine smart alarm:)

It can differentiate between normal and abnormal intrusions. It makes a reasoned assessment over whether to awaken the house or not (usually goes for the latter option for good measure). It can automatically detect when an aggressive (bark) or passive (waggy tail) stance should be actioned. It also doubles up as a waste food disposal unit, keep fit coordinator, and a comfort blanket.

  Quickbeam 11:50 26 Jun 2011

...the former option...

  Colonel Graham 11:53 26 Jun 2011

Here is the report The Star

  woodchip 13:04 26 Jun 2011

Also You can get find for Alarms Going off and there is no one to disable it

  Woolwell 17:07 26 Jun 2011

Unless an alarm is monitored then the usual reaction to a burglar alarm sounding is annoyance at the noise of yet another false alarm.

They almost certainly would have had at least 2 zones within the house, upstairs, downstairs as walking around eg to go to the loo would set the alarm off.

FE has already pointed out some of the reasons why they didn't have an alarm. Note also that a neighbour now say they will the lock the doors. This indicates that it is not normally an area of crime.

  ams4127 21:57 26 Jun 2011

I have the same type of "organic canine" alarm as Quickbeam. It's a German Shepherd, and if you want to break into my house, feel free. Just don't blame me when you get hurt.

If, however, you are invited in, it will happily become your best friend.

Incidently, some years ago a freind of mine also had a GSD. Lovely big, soft thing it was. When it wanted you to go into the garden and play ball, it would come up to you, gently take your wrist in it's teeth and pull. I always found it better to go and play, rather than resist!!

  morddwyd 09:18 28 Jun 2011

"Why no alarm on this house?"

Probably the same reason as there is not one on my house.

Older folk tend to waste their money on heating and eating!

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