why never pocket pc's?.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:08 23 Dec 2004

i have seen in the pcadvisor magzine about mobile phones,but not much about pocket pc's,at the front of the mag DELL,the are pocket pc's being advertised.but how come no reviews?.there are alot of phones but no POCKET PCS!.how come?

  €dstowe 10:10 23 Dec 2004

If pocket pc's were any good, we'd all have them and there would be no need for larger sized ones.

  Kate B 10:43 23 Dec 2004

Pocket pcs are very good - I'm browsing this forum and replying to this post with an Ipaq 4150 from the comfort of my bed! They're incredibly useful supplementary machines and should be covered more often

  DrScott 12:24 23 Dec 2004

my pocket pc lots and lots!

I use it on the hospital wards, and means i no longer lose lots of vital bits of information that were originally kept on scraps of paper. Plus I have a couple of medical programs, but generally they cost a lot of money for what you get. And the WiFi on my 4150 is very cool at home...

But there isn't a great deal you can do with them, like fiddling with the registry etc. They are more a toy than a necessity. I guess that's why they are not covered that much, because they are more restricted in what you can do. I do find it amusing that the one I have is faster than the PC I used for 5 years at university. I am very happy with mine!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:25 23 Dec 2004

thankyou!,only a few more days till i get my beloved 4150!.ill have a wireless setup in a couple of weeks,watch my posts posted 3.00 in the morning ;).i have bought 2 PDA magzines today

  Cook2 16:44 23 Dec 2004

Pocket PC with Sat. Nav yes. On it's own?

  Kate B 17:13 23 Dec 2004

Big Ben, then you will be able to join those of us with 4150s in browsing and posting from the comfy depths of your bed!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:18 23 Dec 2004

yeah,beats those suckers who have to post on a nice 48 inch plasma screen,in there comftorble couch :)

  jack 20:11 23 Dec 2004

My Pocket PC has a 48 inch plasma and I'm writing this under my Kingsize Duvet.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:17 23 Dec 2004

i ment a desktop ;)

  Kate B 20:39 23 Dec 2004

jack, size isn't everything ;-)

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