Why the Increase in STI's?

  Colin 13:01 25 Aug 2010

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With the easier than ever access to information and advice the days, are people lazy, stupid or just don’t care? And it’s not just younger people. I’ve also read that people in their middle age are reporting an increase in STI’s.

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  MAJ 13:12 25 Aug 2010

"....are people lazy, stupid or just don’t care?"

Probably a mixture of all of the above, Colin, as well as the old "It'll never happen to me" attitude.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:34 25 Aug 2010

Why the surprise?


  babybell 13:51 25 Aug 2010

The rise in STI's is because more people are becoming aware of the dangers and so are being tested. Free home test available from GP's and Night Clubs have helped. So this increase is not people being lazy, stupid or careless, but more because people are actually becoming more aware of the dangers.

  Colin 15:22 25 Aug 2010

Only part of the reason for the increase is down to testing.

  morddwyd 15:53 25 Aug 2010

Same could be said of the rise in teenage pregnancies/abortions.

Surely in this day and age there is no need for any unplanned pregnancy, except as a result of rape.

  gardener 19:01 25 Aug 2010

Maybe because the organisms responsible know they're onto a good thing?

  peter99co 21:35 25 Aug 2010

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This seems to cover the subject well.

  Colin 21:58 25 Aug 2010

The article makes a good point but I am still of the opinion that the number of STI's is very high taking into account the easy access to help, advice and information. Reading and listening to people's comments in the media, (and I appreciate that they will use the more provocative comments), ignorance and lack of self-regard still seem to be prominent.

  timsmith259 00:50 26 Aug 2010

simple no one wearing any protection, lots of partners, drinking binges without thought of what happens when they get drunk and looking for some action.

bloody responsible Colin these teenagers are getting dumber and dumber.

Some of these players get a STD but don't realise until its too late after which time they have been sleeping around without using any protection.hence the spread of disease.

  Quickbeam 00:50 26 Aug 2010

"Surely in this day and age there is no need for any unplanned pregnancy"

Don't confuse rare unplanned teenage pregnancies with the meal ticket for life planned pregnancies.

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