Why I'm going to spoil my ballot paper

  ened 18:45 02 Jun 2009

for the European Elections - Not the local ones.

If people don't turn out they will put it down to apathy.

But if you make the effort and then spoil your paper in what ever way you choose you are showing your disrespect for the suituation.

Therefore that is the action I intend to take and I would urge others to follow suit.

IMHO Every single Member of Parliament should be forced to stand for re-selection.

Even those who haven't fiddled their expenses have condoned the system by their silence.

The European Parliament is an even bigger gravy-train!

  Forum Editor 18:56 02 Jun 2009

to roll all politicians up together - the elections on Thursday are for MEPs and are nothing to do with our national government - other than the fact that the candidates are standing under party banners.

The European parliament may be a gravy train, but as far as I know there have so far been no allegations of expense fiddling by UK members.

Saying that people have condoned something by not speaking out about it is often the refuge of someone who doesn't fully understand the facts - you probably know about people who break a rule or two, but do you speak out against them? Probably not, and are you therefore condoning rule-breaking?

The decision to spoil a ballot paper is a personal thing, please don't urge others to do it, just because you've decided it's a way of expressing 'disrespect' for the situation. Others may may different choices, but I intend to vote for someone I think will make a good job of representing our interests in Brussels, rather than spoiling a ballot paper and thereby voting for nothing.

  (~oo~) 19:16 02 Jun 2009

I will vote for the best candidate away from the 3 main parties.

Voting in minor parties might just give a good kick up the backside to our 3 main contenders.

  gardener 19:18 02 Jun 2009

Unfortunately the very fact that we are here and thriving on this planet is because of our ability to outwit and deceive. We wouldn't be the dominant species if we couldn't.

  oresome 19:19 02 Jun 2009

"but as far as I know there have so far been no allegations of expense fiddling by UK members."

click here

  jakimo 19:26 02 Jun 2009

It seems pointless making your way to a polling station just to spoil your ballot paper,make your vote count as long as its not the BNP

  oresome 19:51 02 Jun 2009

Does anyone know the issues and the differencies in policy between the parties vying for our votes?

Have these differencies in policy been examined and aired in the media?

Does creative expenses make better copy?

  Charence 19:58 02 Jun 2009
  DieSse 21:28 02 Jun 2009

"'Does anyone know the issues and the differencies in policy between the parties vying for our votes?'"

Anyone who doesn't must have put very little effort in looking (masses out there on the web), quite apart from newspapers and TV.

Democracy doesn't mean parties have to spoon-feed you. get out there and find out for yourself.

  AL47 21:31 02 Jun 2009

i think im going ukip, cant see anyone else i agree with more, tho bnp say theyll scrap speed cameras! nah not bnp

  OTT_Buzzard 22:19 02 Jun 2009

not because of wanting to make a statement about politics as a whole, or indeed because of not wanting to support any individual party.

It's more to do with my name not being on the electoral role, or the 'mandatory citizens list' as i prefer to call it.

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