This is why I want to be cremated

  interzone55 12:23 10 Jul 2009

well, not right now obviously, but when the end comes...

click here

  newman35 12:56 10 Jul 2009

Can't see a difference.
When dead you either become ashes quickly, or slowly decompose - same end result. Not too bothered what happens inbetween, grave robbers or otherwise, will I care?? No!

  peter99co 13:09 10 Jul 2009

A new form of Freecycling

  dagnammit 13:12 10 Jul 2009

I can be disposed of by the cheapest method possible. I don't visit family members graves... what's the point? it's only a rotten corpse. I'd rather remember my loved ones by re-telling stories and looking at photos - I really don't get the cemetary every Sunday thing that my dad does. I'd rather avoid the place while I'm alive.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:56 10 Jul 2009

Always fancied being weighted and dumped over the side of a boat somewhere off the coast myself. Let the fish feed off me!

  dagnammit 14:00 10 Jul 2009

medical science? I hate waste, might as well put me to use.

  smartpoly 16:19 10 Jul 2009

Here's a baaaa-gain.

click here

  interzone55 16:31 10 Jul 2009

It's not the deceased that would worry, but the relatives that had forked out for a plot and grave stone...

  Toneman 18:37 10 Jul 2009

Have I been wasting my time, keeping my, and my wife's, family graves clean and tidy?

  egapup 19:18 10 Jul 2009

Im going to come back and sort a few out, just like in this post "Boy, 13 'beaten up by ghost'"

  Belatucadrus 20:31 10 Jul 2009

I want to be stuffed and permanently mounted on the spare pedestal at Trafalgar square

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